Shale Gas Processing Equipment Market: Intelligence with Competitive Landscape 2017-2027

Shale gas processing equipment are used to process shale gas before transportation. Gas is transported through pipelines within the state as well as across states. To prepare shale gas for use, some of the components such as N2, H2S, heavy hydrocarbons, CO2 and water need to be removed by gas processing to meet safety, pipeline, environmental and quality specifications.

The technique used to remove contaminates depends upon certain properties of gas stream such as pressure, temperature, composition and flow rate. Acid gas is mainly removed by absorption of COand H2S into aqueous amine solution. Natural gas having high content of water in reservoir is removed by dehydration using glycol to increase the heating value of gas and prevent pipeline corrosion. Water content can also be removed by passing the gas through molecular sieves, which bring down the level of water in natural gas to very low percentage for cryogenic separation.

Distillation is used for separation of nitrogen and other hydrocarbons from natural gas. Hydraulic fracturing along with horizontal drilling have magnified the capability of producers to economically recover methane rich gas and crude oil from low-permeability geologic shale plays.

The continuous increase in shale gas demand is expected to accelerate the need for investments and exploration activities. This has propelled the need for shale gas processing equipment and shale gas processing infrastructure. Accelerated demand for energy has led many companies to increase their exploration activities of unconventional fuel reserves to meet the high energy demand.

Properties such as higher calorific value and lower carbon emissions when compared to other conventional energy sources such as petroleum & coal are projected to further drive the market.

Stringent environmental policies and regulations for hydraulic fracturing implemented by Governments to protect public interests coupled with fluctuating natural gas prices are expected to hamper the shale gas processing equipment market. Hydraulic fracturing process consumes large amount of water for the production of shale gas, due to shortage and contamination of groundwater across the globe. This in turn is expected to retard the shale gas processing equipment market growth.

The shale gas processing equipment market can be segmented on the basis of component type as; Electrical machinery, Internal combustion engines, Compressors & pumps, Measuring & controlling devices, Heat exchangers.

North America is slated to be one of the biggest market holders in the shale gas processing equipment market. The U.S. dominates the market in North America, as it is the hub of shale gas processing equipment due to the abundant shale reserves exploration. Advancement in technology and cost effective drilling techniques coupled with favourable Government regulations are slated to drive the shale gas processing equipment market in North America.

Due to the Governmental policies in China, it is expected that the country will emerge as a leader in shale gas exploration activities, which as a result will fuel the shale gas processing equipment market, surpassing North America during the forecast period.

Increasing exploration activities and strict Government policies to reduce petroleum consumption and increase the consumption of natural gas are expected to drive the shale gas processing equipment market in Asia Pacific region. Developing regions such as India, China, Brazil and South Africa are expected to create opportunities for the shale gas processing equipment market during the forecast period, but the less water availability for hydraulic fracturing process in some regions might hamper the growth of shale gas processing equipment market.

Europe is expected to exhibit growth in shale gas processing equipment market during the forecast period, especially in Western Europe, but due to strict Government rules and regulations regarding environment safety may slowdown the growth of shale gas processing equipment market in the region.

Shale Gas Processing Equipment Market: Market Participants: Examples of some of the market participants in the shale gas processing equipment market are Camaron, Honeywell UOP, GasTech Engineering LLC, Linde Engineering, Pall Corporation, Newpoint Gas LP, Exterran Corporation and Van Air Inc., among others.

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