Computed Tomography (CT) Market Will Reach $6 Billion By 2018, Are Used to Improve Emergency Room Medicine

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WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Computed ResearchmozTomography (CT) Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2018. The 2013 study has 412 pages, 185 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as CT gains significant new imaging clarity.


CT imaging is useful for healthcare therapeutic decision-making. Infarctions caused by
stroke and extensive bleeding are types of conditions imaged. Subarachnoid hemorrhage
and a ruptured aneurysm are imaged. Seeing the conditions clearly makes a huge
difference in choosing between different treatment options. CT is a primary diagnostic
tool in oncology. It is used to detect cancer, for oncologic treatment follow-up and in
assessing the lung diseases. In emergency care, CT has become the primary test for
trauma, stroke or chest pain.

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the study, “Superior image quality brings
clinical improvement. Physicians are thrilled when they can see what is going on so
much more clearly. Market leaders in the higher-slice segments have proven superior
image quality. They have pressure to prove they can incorporate effective dose-reduction
techniques while maintaining image quality. High end imaging modalities require
advanced image management and archival systems. The diagnostic outcome of
molecular imaging is made available to clinicians. Healthcare IT and molecular imaging
exploit the advantage of systems. Effective distribution of images to clinicians is needed.
Integration with electronic medical records is critical.”

This growth is driven in part by the growing popularity of independent diagnostic centers,
which are increasing in number due to patient demand and the relatively low set-up cost
compared to a full, multi-disciplinary hospital.

Other drivers of growth include the increasing demands from governments for high
quality healthcare delivery that is supported with CT imaging. Significant advances in
imaging technologies promise to improve wellness through earlier and more accurate
detection of medical conditions.

Aging population and increase in the chronic disease, congestive heart failure and
diabetes in the population are considered as the main drivers of the imaging market in the
developed nations. Obesity and use of statins are primary drives of chronic diseases.
Lack of exercise and lack of good nutrition are underlying causes of obesity. A rising
fiscal deficit is expected to inhibit the growth of CT in the developed nations.
CT scans help physicians determine whether curative or palliative treatment is the best
course of treatment. CT works for patients for esophageal cancer. The CT market is
shaped by instruments capable of high scanning speed. High scanning speed reduces
examination time and radiation exposure for patients. CT is useful for managing
increasing rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer. In the face of a population
explosion worldwide demand for healthcare has created a need for screening and early
diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and cancer conditions.

CT imaging radiation dose continues to be an area of concern. The industry continues to
try to reduce exposure while ensuring image quality. Recent studies have centered on the
correct dose for children and the obese. Worldwide, research is going to improve the
current technology of CT. Two topics are the focus of clinical research: reduced
radiation, and evaluation of the hemodynamic significance of coronary stenosis.
Growth comes as more emphasis is put on early diagnosis and prevention of disease.
Heart failure patients can benefit from better imaging.

Computed tomography scanner markets are driven by the trend towards multi-slice
scanners, the global market for computed tomography scanners is expected to post a
modest growth rate. The global market for CT scanners was valued at $3.7 billion in
2012. Total market value is expected to reach $6 billion by 2019.


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