Patient Positioning Equipment Market : Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Threats (2016 – 2026)

The patient positioning and equipment market is largely growing on the basis of the growing needs of modern healthcare. The modern healthcare is tech savvy and edgy and patient-friendly approach has changed the entire game and gave them new limits to conquer. Several new healthcare markets scattered across the globe has surely challenged the bible of healthcare and curved a new way filled with hope for all the stakeholders. The entire medical equipment market is facing and combating several new challenges every day. Inclusive healthcare, healthcare for all are some of the trendsetters of this industry. The patient positioning market is directly attached with the modernization wave which is presently flooding the healthcare canvas. Several modest modernization drives have sowed the seeds of new inventions and simplified the entire post and pre –surgery care and also created new standards for the entire diagnostic industry which is evolving with a steady pace around the world. The patient positioning system creates an advantage point for both patients and doctors. These patient positioning tools or equipment helps in enhancing the comfort levels of a patient post operation. It reduces pain and stimulates the healing process and wide variety of these apparatus is available in the market.

The growth of the entire medical equipment market is steadily rising and it is expected to reach a healthy point by 2017. The 360 effort which is incorporated by some of the leading economies of the world is shunning the probabilities of any loss in the near future. After a prolonged slumber the healthcare based economy and the healthcare equipment industry is soaring at a significant rate and will mint more than 400 billion by next year. The patient safety equipment market is fast changing and volatile and fragmented. Small players are cajoling consumers and barricading the supremacy of the big manufacturers present in this vast ever changing Patient Positioning Equipment market.

The entire Patient Positioning Equipment market is reaping the benefits of few factors such as, competitive landscape of healthcare, which is making headways for several new players such as hospitals, training hubs and other medical facilities. The sudden boom of a healthcare based economy in some of the developing nations such as India, China, Malaysia and Middle East which is well geared with a robust insurance machinery. Countries like India are at advantage at this point as they are populated with skilled manpower and surrounded by some of the maiden markets spread across Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. A considerable boost in the medical tourism has changed the equation in the market and created a massive avenue for the Patient positioning equipment market of India.

The massive populace of local positioning equipment makers are flocked around the Chinese market. The production level is high and they are showcasing a significant growth in this segment. Market hawks predict that the Chinese medical equipment market will surge at a rate of CAGR 8 percent. This will surely channelize a massive revenue into the Patient Positioning Equipment market. Apart from these, the US and other western countries are dominating the global market presently.

The patient positioning system market is extracting profits from the all-round development of healthcare happening all over the world. The patient positioning market is extremely fragile as it is coping up with new inventions which are happening in this segment every day. The market is demanding as the patient safety issue is creating quite a buzz in the market and the makers and the exporters in the Patient Positioning Equipment markets are struggling to find a new leeway.

The equipment market within the US is rising for the last few decades and some of the key players are stationed within the country who dominating the entire global scene. The equipment market which also includes the patient positioning system is expected to grow at a rate of 6 percent approximately in the coming few years which also include exports and domestic market sale. Malaysia is another big player in this segment and they are growing at almost percent. Which will further compliment the growth of the Patient Positioning Equipment market in that region. Apart from these there are several other regions in Western Europe, Japan, India, China which are fishing quite well in this Patient Positioning Equipment market

Companies like SchureMed, Stryker, Meditek are some of the key players in this segment.

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