Mineral Wool Market : Key Growth Factors and Industry Analysis 2017-2027

Mineral wool, a versatile material made from rock and slag is the commonly used insulation material. The mineral wool insulation consist of two product categories i.e. glass wool and slag wool. Glass wool is made from recycled glass and sand whereas the stone wool or the slag wool is made from volcanic rock. The mineral wool can also be made from the recycled material and thus is an economical and environment friendly material. Mineral wool is made from the resource which is abundant in nature and is energy efficient. Mineral wool market is majorly driven by the industrial applications where the mineral wool is used as an insulation and filler. It is also used as acoustical solution as a noise barrier in the areas where noise levels are high than the desired noise level prescribed as per government regulations.

Global Mineral wool: Market Dynamics, Segmentation, Segment Overview, Regional Overview and Market Players

The mineral wool is the best insulator as compared to other insulation materials owing to various properties including thermal property, durability, and cost-efficiency. The global mineral wool market is expected to propel the demand for the mineral wool due to the factors such as abundant availability of resources, low carbon footprint, efficiency in material transportation, energy efficiency and savings, ease for installation, provision of healthy indoor environment, reduction in air pollution, safety, combats noise pollution, energy efficient insulation, incombustible material, retention of dimensional integrity, durability and recyclable properties. Moreover, the macro-economic factors such as increased investment in the building renovation program, growing trend of adoption of acoustical environment in the industries and residential areas to control noise pollution, extreme weather conditions creating need to adopt for the insulating materials for the healthy indoor environment and cost efficient solution of this mineral wool is projected to gain traction in the forecast period 2017-2027.

However, the availability of cheap insulating materials and the precautions to be taken while installing the mineral wool compels the provider to hire skilled labor. Moreover the fact that silvers of mineral wool when inhaled can cause lung disease affects the demand for the overall mineral wool market.

Mineral Wool Market Segmentation By Products – Blankets, Panel (Acoustic), Board, Customized Shape; By Product Type – Slag Wool, Glass Wool, Rock Wool; By End Use – Residential, (Thermal(Walls and attics), Acoustical, Foundation drainage system), Commercial, (Thermal(Walls and Roofs), Fire Proofing, Acoustical applications, Acoustical ceiling tiles), Industrial, (Automobile, Building & Constructions, Architecture, Transportation), Thermal (Ovens, Boilers, Kilns etc.), Sound absorbers.

The global mineral wool market is majorly driven by the acoustical applications in building and construction and thermal applications. Based on the product types, the glass wool is expected to lead the market owing to its versatile use in various industrial applications. Based on the end products, the global mineral wool market is expected to gain traction in the panel segment due to increase in use and demand for the acoustic noise barriers. Based on the application, insulation segment dominates the application section of the market. Insulation is used to save energy, fire safety, combat noise, reduce energy consumption and provide acoustic insulation. In the industrial segment, the mineral wool is used as a filler in the automotive industries.

Geographically, the global mineral wool market is segmented into seven regions including North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East and Africa. Asia Pacific in terms of consumption, is expected to dominate the global mineral wool market owing to rapid growth in the automotive industry. The mineral wool is used as filler in the automotive industry and thus the demand for the mineral wool is projected to get elevated by the regions such as India and China. Moreover, the availability of cheap labor and favorable government regulations encouraging manufacturers to invest in India are some of the factors that are projected to favor the demand for the global mineral wool market with significant CAGR in the forecast period 2017-2027. The Western Europe is the leading region for the demand of mineral wool market due to rising demand for the insulation from the Germany owing to rapid investment in the building renovation program. Europe in order to strengthen its economic stability post 2012 crises led to increased mineral wool consumption for various industrial and commercial applications. North America, being second in the mineral wool market position after Europe, contributes significant share in the growth of mineral wool market. Owing to tightened regulations about the insulation thickness and increase in demand from the automotive industry, the North America market is expected to propel the demand for the global mineral wool market.

The prominent players for the global mineral wool market includesSaint-Gobain S.A., ROXUL ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation,Knauf Insulation, Industrial Insulation Group LLC.

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