Market Research on Telescope Box Market 2017 and Analysis to 2027

Apart from wrapping and protecting goods the use of packaging is increasing and fulfilling these needs innovations are taking place in the packaging industry. Box, a widely used mode of packaging, is designed in several ways to meet different purposes and to attract customers by improving the aesthetic value of the product. Telescope box was developed apart from enhancing the aesthetic value of the product to provide the unique experience to the customer while accessing the product. Telescopic box commonly has a separate top and bottom that fit with each other. To classify a box as a telescope box the cover of the box should extend to the two third of the depth of the box. Plastic and paper & paperboard are most commonly used materials for manufacturing of telescope box while wood and metal are also used at a smaller scale in the production of these boxes. Telescope box has a vast range of applications from the packaging of consumer goods to electronic items, luxury items, and bulky items.

Telescope Box Market: Market Dynamics, Segmentation and Key Players

To attract and retain customers, packaging manufacturers are developing products covering minute details of the product for improving customer experience. Boxes are largely used in primary and secondary packaging of the goods in consumer goods, electronic items, and food and beverage industry. To utilize the penetration of used box packaging, telescope box is one such innovation in box packaging market. Box packaging market is estimated to be over US$ 160 Bn in 2017 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 3.4% over the forecast period. On the backdrop of convenience offered by telescope box to the consumer while frequently accessing the product, the demand for telescope box is expected to increase over the forecast period. Use of telescope boxes for packaging of goods reduces additional expense on sealing of boxes hence reducing the overall cost of packaging hence making the telescope boxes more attractive form of packaging. Extensive use of paper and paperboard a sustainable and eco-friendly material in the manufacturing of telescope boxes is expected to boost the telescope box market. However, a significant shift in packaging industry from traditional rigid packaging to flexible packaging to leverage the technological advantages offered by flexible packaging can hamper telescope box market. The ability of telescope box to look more stylish, provide convenience for frequent usage of the product and to protect products from external shocks can lay a path of opportunities in telescope box market.

Telescope box market is segmented by material type, by product type, and by end use. Based on the material type, telescope box market is segmented into: Plastic: PET, PE- HDPE, LDPE; PVC; Paper & paperboard, Others (Metal, Wood, etc.); Based on the type of product type, telescope box market is segmented into: Full telescope box, Partial telescope box; Based on the end use, telescope box market is segmented into: Food, Stationery, Shipping and Logistics, Tools, Consumer goods, Apparel packaging, Others; Regionally global telescope box market is segmented into. Regionally telescope box market is segmented into: North America, Latin America,Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East & Africa (MEA), Japan

Telescope box market is expected to gain momentum in Latin America and APEJ region attributed to the presence of densely populated areas in the region and high penetration of telescope boxes in consumer goods industry and electronic industry. North America and Western Europe is expected to account for significant value share in telescope box market due to the concentration of market leaders in the region. Eastern Europe and MEA region are expected to grow moderately in telescope box market.

Some key players of telescope box market are International Paper Inc., Packsize International LLC, DE-Tech Packaging, Inc, Tim-Bar Corporation, A40 Packaging, Ebro Color GmbH, Wisconsin Packaging Corp., Sound Packaging LLC, Deluxe Packaging, Inc, and Stronghaven Inc.

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