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It is an acid that is made from all living organisms, it is a dicarbolic acid. The esters and salts of malic acid are called malates.Malic acid present in many  foods that we eat daily. It is found naturally in various fruits, people choose to consume malic acid supplements to improve their health, and treat various diseases.Malic Acid is present in high amounts in apples as well as in other fruits such as lychees,bananas, tomatoes and strawberries.However,small amounts of malic acid is present in all fruits.

Pain Reduction: Malic Acid has tremendous capacity to reduce pain. It is regularly used by people suffering from chronic fatigue. People consuming malic acid have claimed that it has reduced muscle pain and soreness.Malic Acid provides increased energy and can therefore be enjoyed by people suffering from chronic fatigue, providing much-needed energy boost. It is also used as the primary flavor in “vinegar and salt” potato chips. Malic acid is used to enhance flavor in many candies and drinks. It is very common in artificially sweetened drinks and other diet sodas. This is true in the case of artificial sweet candies, like gummy candies and other gum. Due to its very versatile nature, specially in concealing various flavors, it has become an important part of nearly any food product that contains alternative sweeteners.Skin Care Benefits:Maltic Acidis a common additive in personal care products.Malic acid has traditionally been used in skin care products due to its exfoliating properties.It can penetrate the skin deeply, because of its composition.Therfore, products that use this  supplement can  help to a large extent in improving the skin tone, pigmentation and smoothness. Malic Acids excellent ability to enter the skin makes it a perfect moisturizer for people with extremely sensitive skin which doesnt benefit from regular moisturizers.In the most number of products it is used in, its used to adjust the pH level. By increasing the pH of skin, malic acid helps to healthily exfoliate, thus improving the appearance and health of the area that is targetted.

Maltic Acid is safe to a large extent safe , there are couple of side effects. The common symptom is discomfort, and they, are only faced by few people who use supplements. The most common symptoms are muscle pain, nausea, redness, constipation, swollen skin, chest pain and itching.These symptoms generally disappear after a few days.Most of the effects are minor,rarely the effects can be severe. These extreme side effects aremore serious forms of the minor counterparts,like extreme chest tightnessIt also can cause difficulty in breathing which requires immediate medical attention.

Malic Acid can be segmented on the basis of application: Food and Beverage, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical

Geographically the malic acid market can be segmented into Latin America North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) Africa and  Middle East (MEA).

The increasing consumption in emerging markets with regards to products of daily consumption has given a boost to industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, FMCG, etc. which can lead to the increase in demand for malic acid. The consumption of malic acid in APEJ is on an upward swing . Preparing food freshly on a regularly is also difficult.The improved standard of living has lead to the growth of the food and beverage industry which can lead to increase in demand for malic acid.The personal care industry has been growing rapidly and consistently for the last few years,however the categories are changing. The consumers demands have changed socially, demographically, and functionally. These new  consumers have many more options than  before, and they prefer brands and products to work towards their needs.  People demand  immediate results in lifting ,slimming, radiance , tone correcting achieved by face makeup products is  influencing consumers’ increase in demand for makeup, specifically face makeup products and skincare.This can lead to an increased demand for malic acid.

Market  players in the malic acid market are: Natures Life, Swanson, Sisu

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