International Taste Solutions predictions for the floral flavour market in 2017

ITS is able to stay one step ahead of competitors and develop flavours based on market requirements

The team of experts at International Taste Solutions are conducting on-going research for defining the main trends that can be anticipated in the global floral flavour market in 2017 and beyond. The company is thus able to be one step ahead of its immediate rivals and create new flavours based on market needs. Armed with this information, ITS can provide suggestions to customers on which flavours they should use in their products. A few of the trends that ITS expects to emerge in the year are –

  • Shift towards natural – Ancient grain bread, seed cereal bars, green smoothies, plant milk, and clean label snacks….these are just some examples of how the food market has been turning to natural ingredients. This trend should become firmly established this year. Consumers might find fewer ingredients in each product but each will be recognizable and as natural as it can get
  • Sport nutrition hits the mainstream – A number of customers are seeking out high protein products or those that provide energy, hydration, or aid recovery. Sport nutrition products were previously targeted towards body builders and elite athletes but they have gradually made their way into the mainstream. There is an extensive product range but the most popular are protein shakes and bars, with great demand for chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry respectively. Recent research has demonstrated that customers are even willing to try innovative flavours
  • All day snacks – A major trend in 2016 was snackification; this is not a temporary phase, but a permanent one. A fast-paced lifestyle has led to an ‘eat anywhere, anytime’ mind-set and this has boosted the consumption of snacks by a considerable amount. If this is linked to the shift towards natural ingredients, the result is a substantial increase in the launch of healthy snacks. Snacks that contain protein or fruits or vegetables are the buzzwords here!
  • Fruits and vegetables everywhere – Consumers have stated that they wish to increase their daily intake of fruits and vegetables. That is why several brands have recreated products leading to snacks, cereal bars, baked products, and fruit and vegetable milkshakes. Due to this trend, ITS provides a way to improve snack flavour and texture while including fruit that consists of dried fruits and naturally flavoured oats. This has made customers sit up and take notice


  • Less sugar used – As the debate on what action needs to be taken to reduce sugar consumption rages on unabated, manufacturers are being compelled to seek out healthier options for consumers across the board. ITS has created SweetLITE, a unique solution meant to achieve a sugar reduction of almost 40% in granolas, cookies, clusters, cereals, and flapjacks with no negative effect on either function or flavour
  • Flourish in floral flavours – The floral flavour market should come into the limelight this year. Orange blossom, violet, elderflower, and lavender are a few examples of the flavours meant for both sweet and savoury foodstuffs such as biscuits, snacks, icings, milkshakes, and sponges
  • Global cuisines – The world is becoming one big global village, with more people opting for vacations in exotic and far-flung destinations. World cuisine has become very popular and Thai, Indian, and Mexican are anticipated to have the maximum demand this year. Tropical flavours and Moroccan spices will be utilised by both food trucks and high-end restaurants that should help the development of new products
  • ‘Free-from’ to be the buzzword – Dairy free drinks or gluten free baked goods are two examples of free-from foods that have become quite popular as they are much healthier. Many free-from products should be launched with plant milk and many mainstream brands have turned to gluten-free flour and grains to fulfil this demand. This category is almost limitless – it includes baked good, yoghurts, milkshakes, and ice creams and is still growing!