FMI Releases New Report on the Aluminum Cans Market 2017-2027

An aluminum can is a container used for packaging primarily made of aluminum, which is used for packaging food and beverages, oil, chemicals and various other products. Aluminum can is capable of preserving the flavor and quality of the contents which is packed, aluminum cans have safety record which represents that the containers made of aluminum are most widely used for packaging purposes.

Aluminum cans are nontoxic by nature, which can be easily be reprocessed and requires less care in handling and distribution. Aluminum cans have lightweight, cost-effectiveness, easy handling and have high reflectivity to light and heat. Such characteristics of aluminum cans have significantly impacted the usage of aluminum cans in several industries like food and beverages, chemical, oils, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Aluminum cans provide preservation to the quality of food for a long time. Aluminum cans also provide protection against light, moisture, oxygen and various other contaminants, which does not rust and which give long shelf lives to the products to any kind of packaging. Various products are packed in aluminum cans apart from food and beverages like paints, aerosol products and numerous of other items in the consumer products market.

Global Aluminum Cans Market: Segmentation, Segmentation Overview, Regional Outlook, Drivers & Restraints and Key Players

Based on the Application, Aluminum Cans market can be segmented into: Food, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Others; Based on the Sub-Application, Aluminum Cans market can be segmented into: Fruits & vegetables, Convenience food, Pet food, Meat & seafood, Other food products; Based on the Beverage Sub-Application, Aluminum Cans market can be segmented into: Alcoholic beverages, Carbonated soft drinks, Sports & energy drinks, Other beverages; Based on the basis of structure, Aluminum Cans market can be segmented into: 2 Piece cans, 3 Piece cans

On the basis of application, the aluminum market is segmented into Food, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and others.  Among application, the beverage sector is currently the major sector in the global aluminum market followed by food sector. In 2015, the beverage sector has accounted the largest share as aluminum can have convenient packaging and various innovation in terms of sizes and shapes and the aluminum cans has the properties which can be easily recyclable.

On the basis of the geographical market segment, it is segmented into seven different regions: North America, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific region, Japan and the Middle East and Africa.

In regional segments, North-America is the leading market for the global Aluminum Cans and is anticipated to continue its position during the forecast period, accounting more than a one-third population in the total global consumption followed by Western Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The Global Aluminum Cans Market is expected to witness sustained growth over the forecast period. The growth of aluminum cans market is driven as there is favorable growth in the beverage industry is a major factor which will boost the Aluminum Cans market. Furthermore, increasing preference of canned food and increase in disposable income of the consumers is the main factors which are driving the market. Furthermore, high recycling and recovery rate of metal cans is projected to be another major driver for the market as more users are becoming aware about environment protection. In addition, rising demand for hairsprays, deodorants and pharmaceuticals is augmenting the aluminum cans market during the forecast period. Growing recognition worldwide by customers and consumers that aluminum cans is very sustainable material that can be infinitely recycled without any harm in quality.

Various packaging substitutes of aluminum cans like PET bottles, glass containers are the major restraint of the aluminum cans market

Some of the players operating in the Aluminum Cans includes Rexam, Ball Corporation, Amcor, ORG Packaging, CPMC, Shengxing Group, Great China Metal Industry Company limited, Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd, Ball, Crown, EXAL and few other regional players. Manufacturers are investing in research & development and also focusing on different strategies to maintain their market share in the Global Aluminum Cans market.

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