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Embedded intelligence is the technology extension of embedded software and artificial intelligence. It is categorized as the ability of a process, product or service to reflect its usage load and operational performance. Further, embedded intelligence assists in analyzing product working environment to enhance and control the overall product performance. This capability of machine unleashing new opportunities to increase quality or to ensure better customer satisfaction by providing accurate work with greater efficiency than humans.

Machines earn the ability of self-reflection by collecting information via inbuilt hardware devices such as sensors and as per extraction of information, the machine generates respond on extracted input. The embedded intelligence is an artificial thinking ability, which enables the machine to think and work similar to humans in a certain situation.

Growing inclination towards the intelligent machine with self-reflection capabilities is the key driver for the embedded intelligence market during the forecast period. Further, the demand for the fast, efficient and accurate system with artificial thinking abilities to reduce human intervention is the other crucial factor propelling the growth of the industry.

On the other hand, advancement in embedded intelligence may eliminate many jobs from industries, but anticipated to create more skilled and expertized job opportunities in future, so the lack of domain expertise and job reduction are coupled together to hinder the growth of the market in forthcoming years.

Global Embedded Intelligence Market can be divided into five segments, the based on Solution, End-user Industry Application, Services, Application, and Region. Segmentation on the basis of Solution Type in Embedded Intelligence Solutions market: The major segments in Embedded Intelligence market by solution type include: Software, Services; Segmentation on the basis of End-user Industry Application for Embedded Intelligence Market: The major segments of Embedded Intelligence Market on the basis of the end-user industry application include: OEMs- Original Equipment Manufacturer, Semiconductor Manufactures, Enterprise Hardware Manufacturers; Segmentation on the basis of Services for Embedded Intelligence Market: The major segments of Embedded Intelligence Market on the basis of the services include: Platform engineering, System integration, Protocol engineering, Application development, porting and sustenance, Testing; Segmentation on the basis of the application for Embedded Intelligence Market: The major segments of Embedded Intelligence Market on the basis of the application include: Home Infotainment, In-Vehicle Infotainment, Navigation, Building Automation,Video Surveillance, Switches and Routers, Data Center Solutions, Automobile sector; Segmentation on the basis of Region for Embedded Intelligence Market: The major segments of Embedded Intelligence Market on the basis of Region include: Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, The Middle East and Africa, Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Japan

Due to the massive advancement of technology in developing economies such as North America and Europe are expected to drive the embedded intelligence market over the forecast period. Further continuous innovation and development in artificial intelligence market is the another growth driver of the industry in the respective region. Growing inclination towards the development of IT industries and infrastructures in emerging economies such as India and China are projected to propel the embedded intelligence market in recent years. Also, the availability of cheap and skilled human resources is another key driver piloting the growth of the industry in the Asia Pacific region.

Some of the prominent players in the Embedded Intelligence Market includes Ciena Corporation, Mindtree, and DFKI GmbH.

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