Antigen Skin Test Market : Information, Figures and Analytical Insights 2017 – 2027

Antigen Skin Test market is a diagnostic method used to get information regarding the cellular immune competence. The main purpose is to test the immune systems against the antigens. Antigen skin test mainly indicated for the detection of the delayed or immediate type of hypersensitivity towards endogenous or exogenous antigens. The procedure for antigen skin test is the injection of antigen into the superficial layer of skin by using a needle. The quantity injected is very little quantity usually on the forearm. A lump formed at the site of injection which indicates the presence of antigen and site is labeled. After immune system starts reacting and skin will turn red on the site of injection due to antigen. The degree of hypersensitivity determines the competency of the immune system. Antigen skin test serves to control other hypersensitivity reactions like tuberculosis test, to make sure of false negative results. Antigen skin testing can assess delayed or cellular type of hypersensitivity reaction with viral, fungal and bacterial antigens to which a healthy sensitized. A positive antigen skin test indicates the prior exposure of antigens. The inflammation reactions at the antigen skin test site are mainly due to the lymphocytes and immunoglobulins.

Antigen Skin Test Market: Drivers and Restraints, Segmentation, Market Overview, Region-Wise Overview and Key Participants

Increasing Discretionary Funding for Research like Governments in developed countries raise funds for research. Along, clinical trials are also funded by governments to support companies in developing effective antigen skin test. Regulatory and Reimbursement Changes of Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT) due to concern regarding the quality of laboratory developed tests, FDA has decided to enforce discretion for LDTs. Reimbursement of many of these LDTs has been reduced in recent years which is expected to affect the overall market. In the past few years, companies in the antigen skin test market have made significant investments to introduce innovative tests to capitalize on the opportunities in the untapped market. Due healthcare cost containment in the majority of mature markets, hospital-based laboratories are facing pressure to supply more services at reduced cost. Healthcare facilities are facing increased aging population and rising prevalence of chronic diseases. In line with this, manufacturers of antigen skin test can grab the opportunity to provide complementary services and support. All these factors act as a driver in the robust growth of the antigen skin test market. Adverse reaction with the antigens is main restraint in the growth of the antigen skin market

Antigen Skin Test Market Segmentation By Test Type – Bacterial Infections, (Tuberculin Test, Lepromin Test, Frei’s, Others), Fungal Infection, (Candida test, Trichophyton, Coccidioidin test, Histoplasmin test), Parasitic Infection, (Montenegro test, Onchocerciasis Skin test, Others); By End Use – Hospitals, Clinics, Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Global Antigen Skin Test market has witnessed a robust growth due to increasing adaptation among different segments of end users. The Companies focus is shifting towards innovation to acquire market by the uniqueness of services.  Increasing government support for improvement and rising concerns of healthcare issues are driving the growth of the antigen skin test market. The future of Antigen Skin Test market anticipated with double CAGR during forecasting period.

Global Antigen Skin Test market segmented into following regions North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan and the Middle East and Africa. North Americais dominant in the Global Antigen Skin Test mainly due to the well-established healthcare system. In North America, particularly the USA is dominating due to the high adoption of antigen skin test market. Economic conditions in the APAC region are set to drive the Antigen Skin Test market to new heights. European and APAC are fastest growing region due to increasing government funding for improvement of the healthcare system. Growth in the Middle East and African region is considerably less but still with significant growth due to increased focus on healthcare.

The key participants in the antigen skin test market are Armed Group, CorisBioconcept, BD, and others. The companies mainly focused towards mergers and acquisition to increases the market of antigen skin test.

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