Nebuliser Market to Significant Growth Foreseen by 2026

Nebuliser is a device for producing a fine spray of liquid for inhaling a medical drug. This breathing therapy is mainly prescribed if patient is suffering from Asthma. However, nebuliser machine alone cannot be functioned and it need its accessories to give relief to the patient. Nebuliser accessories typically include a mouth mask, tubing, and medication container. Nebulisers are easier to use, especially for children who are not old enough to properly use inhalers or adults with severe asthma.

Nebuliser accessories- Usage, Benefits, Trends, Region and Forecast

Nebuliser is a more effective way to deliver the medication than an inhaler which requires to take a deep breath. Nebuliser’s one of the accessories, mouth mask fits over the mouth and nose to deliver medication directly to the airways. Nebuliser treatment require a mouth mask. Nebuliser tube or filter is another important part of nebuliser machine. Using nebuliser without proper and clean tubes cause normal air particles and contaminates to ruin compressor. The liquid in medication container is necessary to put in to the special compartment in nebuliser which gives relief to the patient of asthma or other respiratory problems.

One of the accessories of the nebuliser- a medication container generally includes aerosol medication that help the patients to breathe their lungs via mouth mask. Medication given via nebuliser can treat acute conditions or can prevent from developing respiratory problems. Nebulisers with the help of its accessories send medication where they are needed most- patient’s lung. Nebuliser accessories deliver medications very quickly directly to the respiratory tract. If long-term bronchodilators use nebuliser on daily basis, it can keep bronchial tubes open. Steroids in the medication reduce inflammation and mucus production in the lung. Nebuliser accessories are easy to use. Its accessories are small, lightweight and therefore portable.

Various new types of nebulisers and its accessories are creating robust development in nebuliser accessories’ market. Disposable nebuliser sets are now commonly used by hospitals and emergency rooms due to patient volume. Doctors also started using nebulisers in their clinic, all these factors are driving the growth of nebuliser accessories market. Prevalence of respiratory diseases coupled with a growing aged population fuels the growth of the global nebuliser accessories market. The market is also driven by the use of portable nebulisers. Portable nebuliser and its accessories are easy to manage. Pneumatic nebulisers and its accessories dominate the nebuliser accessories’ market due to their ease of handling, efficient design and low cost.

North America dominates the global nebuliser accessories market due to prevalence of respiratory conditions and growing government initiative. Asia Pacific is the fastest emerging market for nebuliser accessories due to large number of patients diagnosed with chronic respiratory conditions. Emerging economies such as Asia Pacific creates the promising opportunity for the growth of nebuliser accessories market. Several government programs aimed at containing cystic fibrosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD), and asthma have also benefited nebuliser accessories growth. Nebuliser accessories’ manufacturers are scaling up operations in countries such as South Korea, China, India and Japan.

The recent rise in the incidence of respiratory disorders is one of the important factors impelling nebuliser accessories’ market during the forecast period. Respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis, asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease are increasing among the global populace owing to factors such as exposure to environmental pollution and allergens, and persistent smoking. These increasing respiratory disorders will increase the demand for efficient and easy drug delivery services like nebulisers with its accessories in future.

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