Torque Limiting Couplings Market Latest Innovations, Drivers and Industry Key Events 2017 – 2027

Since ancient times, torque limiters have led the industry with proven reliability, overload protection and a wide range of options. Torque limiters are ideal for nearly every application from light duty to heavy duty and specially engineered environments. There are various types of torque limiters as well as torque limiting couplings, which are utilized in a large number of equipment across various end-use industries.

Torque limiting coupling basically comprise torque limiter and roller chain type couplings. They protect various components in the driveline and allow the equipment to work at maximum efficiency. Further, torque limiting couplings are customized and can be manufactured in various ranges and friction diameters. Also, there are various types of torque limiting couplers available in the market, including couplings with instant release, controlled slip and automatic reset.

Torque limiting couplings are utilized in various applications, such as in crushers and grinders, conveyors, mixers, water jets, gas turbines, compressors, high speed trains and test rigs.

Global Torque Limiting Couplings Market: Segmentation

The global torque limiting couplings market can be segmented on the basis of type and end-use industry and application.

Based on the type, the global torque limiting couplings market can be segmented into:

Couplings with instant releaseCouplings with controlled slip,Couplings with controlled slip and automatic reset,Others,Based on the end-use industry, the global torque limiting couplings market can be segmented into:,Mining,,Metals,Energy & Utility,Mobility,,Others,Based on the application, the global torque limiting ,couplings market can be segmented into:,,Steel mills and levellers,Tunnel boring machines,Crushers and crinders,Conveyors and excavators,Thruster and waterjets,Gas turbines and compressors,High speed trains,Others.

Global Torque Limiting Couplings Market: Dynamics

Global population growth together with the upward trends in industrialization and urbanisation, primarily in emerging economies, have led to a strong rise in the demand for products from the metal and mining industries. This growth is likely to continue in the near future. Thus, growing metal and mining industries are expected to boost the demand for driveline components and, in turn, escalate the growth of the torque limiting couplings market over the forecast period.

Further, within the metal industry, high and heavy loads put intense performance demands on the driveline, which can lead to slippage marks and torque overloading. This is further pushing the demand for torque limiting couplings. Growing demand for production efficiency in industries could unfold significant growth opportunities for torque limiting couplings manufacturers across the globe.

One of the key trends identified in the global torque limiting couplings market involves the introduction of new and innovative products in order to cater to a wide range of customers in the mining & energy industries across the globe.

Global Torque Limiting Couplings Market: Regional Outlook

Considering regions, the global torque limiting couplings market is anticipated to be dominated by the Asia-Pacific region. Prevention of excessive torque, protection of passengers in the event of a failure in high speed trains, protection of machinery and drivelines from overloading, minimization of operating downtime and increasing production uptime are the major factors pushing the demand for torque limiting couplings in developing economies, such as China and India. North America and Europe are anticipated to register moderate growth over the coming years. Latin America and MEA in the global market are expected to expand at slow growth rates over the forecast period.

Global Torque Limiting Couplings Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global torque limiting couplings market include Voith GmbH, NU-Teck Couplings Pvt. Ltd., Rexnord Corporation, jbj Techniques Limited, KBK Antriebstechnik GmbH, Altra Industrial Motion Corp., Verbindungs- Meß- und Antriebstechnik GmbH and Coupling Corporation of America (CCA).

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