Polysilicon Market to Reflect Steadfast Expansion During 2018 – 2028

Polysilicon is a semi-metal also referred to as polycrystalline silicon or poly–Si, it is a highly pure polycrystalline form of silica with a semi conducting properties. Polysilicon has wide range of application in electronics industry for instance they are used for the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells and semiconductors. Polysilicon can be manufactured from three commercial process, these are Siemens process, FBR process and Upgraded metallurgical grade process. The Siemens process produces high quality polysilicon which is utilized by both semiconductor and solar PV industries, while FBR process produces polysilicon of moderate purity which can only be used in solar PV industry. The quality and purity is an important role in the efficiencies and overall performance of the electronic devices. Polysilicon is basic building block for the production micro and nano-electronics technologies, this technology is widely used for various applications such as in smart phone, computer, navigation systems, control systems and many other applications.

Polysilicon Market is expected to have a substantial growth over the forecast period primarily due to the flourishing electronic industry, as well as solar photolytic, which are primarily driven due to increasing population and urbanization resulting in increased power demand and also attributed by increase in living standards along with rise in number of affluent middle class across the globe. The solar photovoltaic cell industry has witnessed a steady growth across the globe due to increasing penetration in power /electricity generation in urban and semi urban areas. Furthermore, increasing investment and favorable policies by government is expected to further promote the growth solar energy projects across the globe which in turn is anticipated to drive the growth of polysilicon market over the forecast period.

The growth of semiconductor industry is expected to be another prominent driver for the growth of polysilicon market over the coming years. Increasing demand of electronic equipment across various industries driven by increasing investment for automation to improve the overall productivity is expected to drastically contribute towards the growth of polysilicon market. Further, increasing demand of electronic equipment from flourishing automotive industry is expected to contribute the growth of semiconductor industry, which in turn will fuel the growth of polysilicon market. Over past few years prominent manufacturers are focusing on expanding production capacity of polysilicon to meet the growing demand, however it resulted in overproduction, which led to a crash in the prices which in turn resulted sudden decrease in profit margin. Fluctuating demand supply scenario result in variable operating margin which in turn might affect the growth market.

Polysilicon Market Segmentation By production process – Siemens process ,FBR process,Upgraded metallurgical grade process; By application – Semiconductor ,Solar photovoltaic cellsGlobal Polysilicon Market: Regional Outlook

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Asia pacific is expected to dominate the global polysilicon market and is expected to an attractive market over the forecast period expanding at a significant rate over the forecast period. Growing electronics and solar power industries in the region especially in the countries such as China and are expected to be key driving factor for the growth in demand of polysilicon over the coming years. Increasing initiative by government to promote the growth of solar power generation to meet the growing power demand is expected to create lucrative opportunity for the growth of polysilicon market over the forecast period. North America and Europe polysilicon market are expected to expend at a healthy rate primarily driven by the growing demand of semiconductors from automotive industry and process plant automation sector.

Examples of some of the key players identified in the global polysilicon market are as follows: Evonik Industries, DowDupont Inc., Wacker Chemie AG, Tokuyama Corporation, OCI Co Ltd., Air Liquide, Cabot Corporation, Shandong Xinlong Group, GCL Poly Energy Holding Limited, Mitsubishi Materials corporation, TBEA Co. Ltd.,Yancheng Fujemax Power Machinery Co., Ltd.

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