Smart Bandages to Tell Clinicians How Wound is Healing

Researchers made an announcement of smart bandages that will inform doctors about how wound is healing. The dressing could bring intelligent and personalized approach to treatment keeping the medical staff up-to-date about patient’s progress remotely. Manufacturers are utilizing multi-technology approach, comprising of nanotechnology, 3D printing and 5G infrastructure to generate an effective product while attempting to minimize production cost. Various developments wound healing technology is likely to boost the revenues of global digital wound measurements devices market. According to Future Market Insights the global digital wound measurement devices market is likely to grow at healthy CAGR of 4.7% during 2015-2025.

The bandages are made of very small sensors that detect issues such as infections, alerting doctors via 5G technology if any problem arose. The product is designed to detect any issues in between patient appointments where traditionally would healing were checked. The invention has been developed by Swansea University. The chairman of the university, Prof Marc Clement stated that 5G is an opportunity to create robust, resilient bandwidth, which is always there for the purpose of healthcare. The intelligent dressing utilizes nano-technology to sense the state of the wound at any specific time.

Smart Bandages Perform Better by Connecting to Smartphones

These smart bandages can be connected to patient’s smartphones to detect physical activities of them, which can help minimize recovery time. Prof Clement stated that all the technological combination can help clinicians know the performance of particular wound at any particular time and further can tailor treatment accordingly to the individuals. Traditional medicines might be where doctors check patients, decides medicines for them however, future holds a world where the treatment might vary according to individual patient according to their patter of life and lifestyle.

Clinicians and patients can work together as all the evidences has been there before them in this 5G world. This is multi-technology approach, with nanoelectronics, coating biochemistry, printing and nanotechnology all interconnect via 5G infrastructure to provide health care for would patients in the future and tomorrow, which can cater patients better outcomes and better quality of life. However, the smart bandage is not there to help prevent infection. Further, in the previous year British scientists designed a bandage which turns yellow if the wound became infected. However, trials for this are also underway.

Latest Smart Bandages can be Designed for Particular Wound

Scientist have designed a smart bandage, which can accurately control the delivery and dose schedule of medicine designed for a particular kind of wound, helping faster healing. The bandages are equipped with fibres, which are electrically conductive covered in gel. This gel can be independently laden with infection-fighting antibiotics, tissues-regenerating expansion factor. The voltage heats the fibre as well as its hydrogen, releasing the cargo it contains. Researcher stated that single bandage could accommodate number of medications designed to particular type of wound.

This is the first bandage, which has capacity to dose-dependent drug release. One can release various drugs with number of release profiles. Researchers ran a series of experiments. For instance, they applied a smart bandage laden with expansion factor to wounded mice.

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