Reinshaw, Heidenhain and Tormach to Incorporate Innovations in Machine Tool Touch Probe System

A machine tool touch probe system assists machine tool in performing geometrical measurements within its cutting areas. A highly precise switch, probe is a crucial part of the machine tool system. A probe aids in determination of size of tools and workpiece along with identification of part locations when integrated with machine manufacturing processes such as HMC, CNC and VMC. Several companies are focusing to embed advance technology in probe performance owing to its growing demand due to enhanced part quality, productivity and reduced operation setup time.

Growing integration of innovative technologies in the manufacturing processes of machine tool touch probe in order to extract high efficiency in manufacturing and machine tool is anticipated to drive demand for latest products in coming years. The rising adoption of high-tech probes in present day manufacturing machineries such as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) heavy duty machining and additive manufacturing tools for several designs and multifaceted shapes help to improve product quality. As a result, several manufacturers are actively increasing their spending in research & development field to introduce latest technology in their product portfolio.

Heidenhain to Introduce New Features in its Product Portfolio

Heidenhain Corporation introduced touchscreen technology in company’s TNC 620 contouring controls to provide appropriate navigation through programs, lists, tables and other software content with the help of kinetic scrolling. The company also introduced a new version of existing MC7410 by incorporating touch screen technology known as MC8410 main. Due to this, original equipment manufacturers are able to practice MB 721 as a standard tool with optional MC 7410 or MC 8410 main computers.

PCNC 440 – New CNC Machinery from Tormach Inc.

Another renowned company in machine tool touch probe system market, Tormach Inc. has introduced a newest machinery in small package, PCNC 440. Like other Tormach’s CNC machineries, it has similar machinery design with an efficient capacity in cutting soft material like aluminum and plastic as well as hard metal such as titanium and steel. The all new PCNC 440 is best suited for real cutting processes in a compact and reasonable package

Renishaw Plc. Launches SFP2 to Develop REVO System Ability for Surface Measurement

Manufacturer of CMM (Co-ordinate measuring machine) equipment, Reinshaw PLC announced introduction of a new and improved surface finish measurement probe. It will be used with company’s REVO 5 axis measurement system. The SPF2 system is mainly comprised of a wide range of modules and a probe which is interchangeable automatically with other probe available for REVO system. Due to this, flexibility to user in selecting optimum machine tool in order to inspect varied range of features on CMM platform. Due to this, advantages such as high quality dimensional inspection and proficient surface finish measurement in CMM are obtained over traditional inspection method. Thus, enhances time saving in multiple operation, part handling and potential returns over CMM investment throughout its longevity.

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