Preserving & Emulsifying Features of Dipotassium Phosphates to Increase Production Sales

Increasing use of dipotassium phosphates in coffee creamers as soluble buffer is expected to drive the production sales of the phosphate. The market demand is driven by dipotassium phosphates nutrient feature for culturing yeast, antibiotics and various different fermentation procedures. Dipotassium phosphate also helps in maintaining the shelf-life of the food products and enhances the product texture as well. Manufacturers can be largely benefitted with this product as it prevents the food from drying. However, over-use of dipotassium phosphates can lead to imbalance of phosphates in body.

Companies namely Lianyungang Jujia Chemical Technology, Haifa Chemicals Ltd., D.D., FBC Industries, BANGYE Inc., TKI Hrastnik, Prayon SA, Biocel, Shifang Talent Chemical, Aditya Birla Chemicals, Foodchem International Corporation and Jiangsu Mupro IFT CORP amid others will notice a major growth worldwide. Leading companies are concentrating on marketing strategies such as evolving innovative phosphates and expanding their product portfolio.

Haifa Chemicals to Shutdown Haifa Bay Plant; Apparently Exhausting All Applications

Haifa Chemicals is shutting down Haifa Bay Plant by firing a chunk of workers. This move was made after a month’s long effort in holding on to the huge ammonia tank, which is dangerous to its operations and was thwarted in the Supreme Court lately. The fired workers will be present infront of the court for dismissal hearing, as soon as the law will pass required date.

Supreme Court ruled out that the ammonia tank of 12,000-ton must be completely shut down and emptied before September-end. The event is resultant of the risks faced by the nearby areas due to discharge of noxious fumes and sustained damage on account of tank leakage. Mainly, legal sources had mentioned that the court order applies only to Haifa Bay Plant and the other plants will be allowed to continue its operations.

Haifa Chemicals Plant in South to Continue Its Operations

The company also mentioned that it would be closing its entire Haifa Chemicals Plant operations, posing strike threats and angry protests. But, after the government officials insisted for an appropriate alternative solution, Haifa Chemicals planned to continue operations in its southern plant, to find an alternative for it productions of fertilizers and various other food products. The company further plans to retain its nearly 400 workers followed by approval from the government for importing ammonia.

Home Front Command and Environmental Protection Ministry are planning to ship small amount of ammonia to Haifa Chemicals through trucks in its southern plant. Government officials have supported the shipping of ammonia through isotanks, which are containers utilized for transporting powders, gases and liquids through ships. However, essential safety measures and high cost for implementation process will be taken care of by Haifa Chemicals. The new solution offered by government officials will help in renewing deliveries of ammonia on the whole.

Key companies are focusing on developing analytical queries with the help of innovative dipotassium phosphate and adopting numerous other approaches to improve their position in the global market

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