Need For Customization to Propel Growth of Global Rotomolded Containers Market

Future Market Insights has developed a report on global rotomolded containers market over the assessment period (2017-2027). A reporter from FMI has fielded several questions on the basis of presumptive study on global rotomolded containers market.

What is your take on expansion of global rotomolded containers market?

Well, the global rotomolded containers market is pegged to witness expansion at 4.8% CAGR during 2017-2027. The market is likely to reach valuation of approximately US$ 5.6 Bn by the end of 2027, up nearly US$ 2 Bn from the year 2017.

Why do you think the global market will witness significant expansion?

Typically, the increased demand for food and beverages will propel demand for rotomolded containers market in foreseeable period. Increasing demand for rotomolded containers from other end-user sectors is anticipated to fuel growth of the global rotomolded containers market. In order to cater to increasing need of both end-users and customers, number of manufacturers are concentrating on R&D as well as are further investing more in a bid to stay forefront in the competition. The market is extremely fragmented and full of intense competition, therefore number of players in the market are focusing on innovating new products and developing new techniques affecting to product difference. These are the key factors influencing growth of the market.

Why do you think rotational molding is preferred on large scale?

Rotational molded containers are greater compared to its blow molded complements. The rotational molding has showcased a considerable expansion in terms of development in recent past. The inexpensive nature of rotational molding containers is majorly driving its growth. Manufacturing of rotomolded containers is cost effective compared to blow molded containers. Owing to increased need for various chemicals, employing blow molding procedure incurs high cost. Hence number of manufacturers have shifted from blow molding procedure rather than weak structures in its mold. However, due to increased demand for safe and sturdy containers, rotational molding is employed as the preferred method. Further, the method uses heat instead of pressure unlike other methods, therefore large number of players opts for this procedure. Demand for rotomolded containers is projected to be driven by shifting preferences of consumers.

Why rotational molding procedure preferred more compared to other type of processes?

Customization is anticipated to emerge as a major factor boosting the expansion of the market. Rotational molding is projected to witness huge expansion for the acceptance as the best production procedure for containers owing to some reasons. The material is not intended to gain a desired shape in case of rotational molding. This has led to create chances for the manufacturing of containers in various styles as well as sizes. Rotational molding further ropes a wide range of sizes, with exact surface details along with utilization of various colors at different stages of production procedure. This helps implementing aesthetic skills as well as a choice to include logo of the company on the external surface of the container.

What are the leading companies operating in the global rotomolded containers market?

Pelican Products, Inc., Zero Manufacturing Inc. and Snyder Industries Inc., are discerned as leading companies in the global market. On the other hand, SKB Corporation, Inc., Gemstar Manufacturing and MODRoto, Inc. have further consolidated their footprints in the global market.

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