Innovations in Video on Demand Technology for Entertainment Giants

With the arrival of a variety of streaming channels, video on demand technology is gaining massive popularity across the globe. Video on demand technology provides wide range of news, sports, movies and TV programs to be delivered through internet, cable companies and satellite to personal computers, TV, IP and smartphones. Video on demand offers multiple solutions for digital video subscribers in order to choose multimedia content from a huge content library. The viewers are allowed to watch any video of their choices in 24 hours. Choice to play, pause, stop and other multiple options of viewing at any time offers entertaining experience to users which result to proliferate video on demand market.

Video on Technology: New Arena in Viewing Digital Videos

On account of the rising number of video viewers coupled with the solution providers, investor involved in video on demand technology are likely to gain tremendous growth. Special features like growing demand for service like CoD (Content on demand) provided by Amazon, Hulu and Netflix has led to offer viewers with innumerable video streaming service on several social media platform. In addition, integration of technological advancement in video on demand technology results to gradual shift observed among audiences towards viewing content of choice as per convenience rather than television linear schedule. Due to such changing viewer’s preference, the global video on demand market is likely to witness robust growth in the near future.

Moreover, rising number of services providers for content on demand videos coupled with the increasing internet users are likely to surge need for video on demand in the long run. Heavy spending on rapid development of high speed internet architecture has contributed towards fast growth on video on demand market. In addition to this, several major companies are actively focusing to avail internet access at remote areas in order to eliminate technical irregularities which causes interruptions while playing a certain video.

Launch of new streaming services by Warner Bros

In February 2018, an American entertainment company Warner Bros. has declared to launch an innovative online movie streaming services with a unique pay-as-you-go system. Online movie streaming services will be launched in Australia for the first time. This offers an access to households to new movies soon after two weeks of their release in theatres. Unlike other streaming services such as Stan and Netflix, which have monthly paid subscription for old movies and TV series, Warner Bros. streaming services are going to provide access for all new movies. In order to strengthen company’s position in video on demand market in Australia, Warner Bros. has built strong tie-ups with ASX listed company, Linius Technologies by signing a deal to test such flexible video on demand technology.

New Experience for Australian Viewers in Online Movie Streaming

Linius Technology has offered Video Virtualization Engine which keeps a track of users and their paid subscription in order to gather real-time information to track piracy, video searching and personalised advertising and thereby, improves security. As new released movies costs a fortune for viewers to watch movies in cinemas/ theatres, families are likely to enjoy subscription services of new streaming service by Warner Bros. which starts at US$ 10 for a month. Moreover, benefits like no need to rush at cinema theatres or waiting for months to watch new film on television will offer viewers to experience new movies at their comfort zone. However, US$ 50 for access upto 48 hours only may leaving the audience. The video on demand technology is likely to be trialed in determining whether such streaming services looks promising for Australian entertainment audience.

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