Why Convenience Food is the Future

The modern world is ruled by a fast-paced generation called the Millennial and they pretty much dictate the trends in the food industry, due to their fondness for affordable and healthy eating experiences. Chefs and food brands of the current age are being compelled to create new, innovative, and convenient items that tantalizes the consumers’ taste buds on the go. Over the recent past, offering healthy consumption has been the slogan for the food industry.

With each passing years, new healthy food categories are emerging and scattering across the globe. At the same time, the demand for convenient healthy food is also on the rise, as consumers show a lower tolerance to unhealthy food even while dealing with hurried and cumbersome lifestyle. Moreover, the upcoming generations are bit more rebellious when it comes to junk-food-eating habits and actively look for services and food products the support their agenda of healthy living. Millennials are more likely to seek for healthier menu options and premium or organic ingredients. A sizeable percentage of consumers 21 and younger car more about taste, price and convenience. This, in turn, is prompting the food industry to explore deep into such categories. In the near future, the customer base aging between 18 and 21 will be expand even further and are likely to have the most autonomy and monitory capability to patronize restaurants. The signs are already visible, as they are starting to demand food that’s healthy, convenient and fast. As per a report published by Future Market Insights (FMI), U.S. will remain an attractive market for convenience food processors in 2017 and beyond, owing to declining trends of away-from-home dining and growing preference for at-home cooking. There has been a significant drop in customers in fast-food restaurants, as Gen Yers continue to avoid fast-food, which is forcing food brands to develop new strategies in order to win back customer trust.

Reportedly, the food industry in the U.S. is prioritizing health as Gen Y seek for premium-quality food that offers taste without high calorie fears. In foreseeable future, demand for best features of food services from brands will be higher from consumers. It is quite clear that the millennial want their food served fast and for it to be fresh, homemade and most importantly healthy. Both new and established brands will have to provide on all points to sustain and grow. Many of the new brands are already following the rule, especially the ones that have contemporary dining concepts. These new concepts are nothing like the convention of models and offer a wholesome dining experience. This trend is more visible in developed countries such as the U.S, the U.K, Germany and France.

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