Strategic Collaborations and Product Launches Fuel Global Digital Signage Market Growth

As market players increasingly look for lucrative opportunities to increase brand presence, advertising comprise a significant part of the brand awareness. Unlike previously, today the market players are taking advantage of the technology to expand their reach among customers. Several market players are increasingly adopting digital signage for displaying information in order to increase the brand awareness and advertise about the range of products offered by them. According to a recently compiled report by Future Market Insights, the global digital signage market is expected to witness a healthy growth during the forecast period, 2014-2020.

Market Players Extend Services through Smartphones

In an attempt to proattempt to th during the forecast period, ture Market Insights, the global digital signage market is expected to witness vide the end users with enhanced experience on the smartphones and computers, the digital signage developer, CAYIN technology has recently redesigned its website, which reveals information related to applications and visuals, along with the products available. This website is mainly focused to offer services on through the smartphones. The website is integrated with the latest technology, and is equipped with an intuitive menu that visitors to conveniently navigate through various pages and desired destination. The company has further revamped the website to spark ideas and inspirations for the customers. The website offers solutions and cases that have been revamped filled with various applications of digital signage.

The General Manager of CAYIN, Ravin Chi said that company wants to ensure that the customers conveniently navigate through the website and have a smooth experience while browsing through the essential information provided on the website. The About us and Support section enables the end users to better understand the role of the company regarding the implementation of digital solutions at various stages. The market players are increasingly focusing on revamping and enhancing their services through online portals, which will enable the customers to understand the application of the services offered by them. Attributed to increasing product launches and extending accessibility of services on platforms such as smartphones is likely impact growth of the global market positively.

Strategic Collaborations Fuel Growth Prospects: Besides product launches and increasing the bounds of accessibility, several market players are increasingly entering into strategic collaborations. A recently published news report reveals that Bluescape and Buzzfire have announced that the companies have entered into collaboration to offer enhanced solutions. Bluscape is an innovator and offers visual collaboration software services. The company has announced that through collaboration with Buzzfire, a major provider of services related to the IT-meets-AV meeting room solutions will work on delivering collaborative and interactive technology services for various organizations in North America.

The VP of product and marketing for Bluescape, Nick Brown said that Buzzfire offers uniques services as they are highly-personalized to their clients and can expertly monitor the delivery and execution to meet the demands of the customers in an efficient and cost effective manner. Attributed to such factors, adoption of digital signage is expected to rev up, contributing towards growth of the global market significantly.

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Ankush Nikam

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