Smart Sensing Solution to Reduce Low Voltage Motor Downtime

Smart sensors are gaining popularity as the condition monitoring solution in low voltage motors. A cost-effective sensor in low voltage motor can help record raw data multiple times and translate that raw data into process information to simplify maintenance process. For instance, ABB had introduced smart sensors for low voltage motors that can reduce low voltage motor downtime by 70% and can also reduce energy consumption by 10%. The new device also provides information on performance and condition of low voltage motors, thus helping businesses to plan maintenance, cut costs and enhance productivity.

Similarly, several industries including food and beverages, mining, oil and gas, packaging, automotive, etc. have started using smart sensors in the low voltage motors. Food processing companies are moving towards introducing connectivity by integrating low voltage motors with smart sensing solutions. Food manufacturers are using smart sensing technology as low voltage motors are used to power important equipment such as conveyors, mixers, machines used for packaging, etc. along with the food processing industry, other industries are also investing in these smart sensors as they can be attached to any low voltage induction motor with very minimum investment.

Meanwhile, companies are also developing smart motors that are integrated with sensors that can capture data and are also programmed with speed that can be adjusted, eliminating the cost to buy a new system for monitoring and maintenance. These smart sensors for low voltage motors are also being provided with the smartphone application that can help to check the status of the motor at anytime and anywhere.

According to the upcoming report by Future Market Insights (FMI), the global low voltage motors market is expected to witness strong growth during the forecast period 2015-2025. Low voltage motor manufacturers are focusing on introducing advanced technology to enhance the production process in various industries, thereby driving the demand for technically advanced low voltage motors. Due to the increasing demand of low voltage motors in electronics and automotive industry, Asia-Pacific is expected to remain dominant in the global low voltage motors market. China is expected to emerge as the largest market for low voltage motors, offering strong opportunities for growth during 2015-2025.

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