Pyramid Tea Bags Market Set to Witness Steady Growth through 2017 – 2027

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. For carrying tea to anywhere and having it anytime, tea bags were invented in around 1930 which requires only hot water for making tea with a tea bag. With increasing population, global consumption of tea is also increasing and developments in packaging have enabled its consumption at any instant. Various developments account in packaging like in 1997, pyramid or triangular tea bags were introduced. The purpose of making changes in the shape of tea bags is to increase the surface area of the tea bags for providing more contact surface between tea and boiled water and making tea stronger in less time than that by convention rectangular tea bags. The adoption by the youth of The Middle East tradition of taking tea as a refreshment beverage and various developments in the packaging of tea has created opportunities for pyramid tea bags market globally.

The consumption of tea bags is experiencing rise due to the busy life schedule of an average person and ease provided by tea bags in making tea. The market for pyramid tea bags is already set all over the globe as it is just a development in shape of tea bags which are rectangular by shape conventionally. This is a major driver for pyramid tea bags market. Pyramid tea bags can also be used in food industry for adding various ingredients in fixed proportion for single dosing purpose. Tea bags are made up of silk or nylon polymers which release chemicals to the tea when dipped in hot water. This factor used to be a restraint until biodegradable packaging of paper tea bags was introduced to the market. This development in packaging material of tea, bags has given a growth to the market of pyramid tea bags. The pyramid tea bag packaging has a disadvantage of the requirement of higher packaging material in the packaging of the same amount of product as that for packaging of conventional tea packaging. The introduction of circular tea bags hampered the growth of pyramid tea bags in the beginning for pyramid tea bags, but this market crossed the hurdle and pyramid tea bags proved to be better than circular tea bags due to the efficient mixing of tea and water. Ready to drink tea market has observed fifteen times growth in sales and consumption since 2004 and thus provide the great opportunity for pyramid tea bags market.

The pyramid tea bags market can be segmented by the material of packaging as: Nylon, Silk, Paper, Cotton, Corn starch, Others; The pyramid tea bags can be segmented by the quantity of tea held in it as: Small (below 2 gram), Moderate (2 to 3 gram), Large (above 3 gram); The pyramid tea bags market can be segmented by the global regions as: North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan

Pyramid Tea Bags Market Regional Outlook: The global tea production has increased over last 10 years with a CAGR of 4.75%. Turkey is accounts for highest per capita consumption of tea in 2016 followed by Ireland, U.K. and Russia. Also, these countries are well developed economies. This indicates a huge developed market for pyramid tea bags in Europe region. Middle East and Africa is the region second largest in per capita consumption of tea. Asia Pacific has moderate per capita consumption of tea along with 60% of world’s population which contributes to the largest regional market for pyramid tea bags. Despite of highest per capita consumption of tea in Turkey, around ten times higher than India, India accounts for around four times larger tea consumption than that by Turkey.

Pyramid Tea Bags Market Key Players. Some of the key players of the pyramid tea bags market are: F.T. Short Limited, Shreeji Screen And Filters Pvt. Ltd, Motovotano, LLC, Fate House Pte. Ltd, NonWoven Network, LLC.

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