Pipe Insulation Products Market Size Estimated to Observe Significant Growth During 2017 – 2027

Global pipes industry is largely driven by industrial, construction and agriculture sectors. Recent years these above mentioned sectors witnessed exponential growth globally. Pipe insulation is the process of insulating pipes with foam wraps, flexible films, some coatings or any other rigid insulation products to protect them from heat, water or moisture, chemical interactions, corrosion, breakage or damages during shipping etc. In recent few years, the global pipe insulation products market witnessed many technological and economic developments and improvements. The global pipe insulation products market is much diversified with many applications and wide variety of products. Pipe insulation products are used in chemical industry, energy and power transmission industry, paper industry, agriculture, building and construction, automotive, electronics and electrical industry, food and beverage industry, etc. Pipe insulation products can be rigid as well as flexible. They use raw materials like stone wool, polyethylene, glass fiber, chemical coatings, rubber, aluminum foil, wood etc. Recent trends in global pipe insulation products market shows a lucrative growth in recent years.

Globally, pipe insulation products market is witnessing a healthy growth due to increased demand for pipes in chemicals, building and construction, energy production, automotive, electronics and semiconductor, paper and plastic, oil & gas industries. Extreme temperatures both heat and cold conditions, chemical and gas interactions, contact with water and moisture cause many defects in pipes and the contents flowing through the pipes. These defects can cause catastrophe or calamities. To prevent these one needs to insulate these pipes very well both internally and externally. Pipes has to be insulated well during shipping and transportation from manufacturer’s locations to end users location, to protect them from breakages or damages. Growing environmental safety awareness is influencing the global pipe insulation products market. Workers health safety is a high priority in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy and power and other manufacturing industries. Pipe insulation products serves requirement of efficient and long life sustainable production and manufacturing plants. This factor is also true for automotive. Continuously growing applications of pipe insulation products in different end use industries is driving the demand of global pipe insulation products market.

Pipe Insulation Products: Market Segmentation: The pipe insulation products market is segmented on the basis of product type, material and end use industries. On the basis of product type, the global pipe insulation products market is segmented into thin films, foils, wraps, rigid insulation products (wood covers, fiber glass covers, rigid foam, and others), stone wool insulation covers, coating materials and others. On the basis of material type, the global pipe insulation products market is segmented into plastic (PP, PE, PA, PVC and others), paper and paperboard, foam, stone wool, fiber glass, wood, rubber, chemical coatings and others. On the basis of end use industries, the global pipe insulation products market is segmented into chemicals industries, energy and power sector, automotive industry, building and construction sector, paper production, plastic industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and others.

Pipe Insulation Products Market: Regional outlook: Pipe Insulation Products market has been segmented on the basis of region into North America, Latin America Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Japan.  China, India and Bangladesh are major contributors for the growth of APEJ pipe insulation products market. The growing modern agriculture methods and manufacturing activities in these countries is driving the pipe insulation products market. North America and Western Europe collectively dominates the global pipe insulation products market. The matured industrial and agriculture industries in U.S., U.K., Germany, Canada, and France are the major contributors.

Pipe Insulation Products Market: Key players: Some of the players in the global pipe insulation products market are Cellofoam GmbH & Co. KG, Great Lakes Textiles., ?ZOCAM TIC. ve SAN. A.S., Kuwait Insulating Material Manufacturing Co. (KIMMCO), Armacell UK Ltd, SYNAVAX, DUNMORE, OWENS CORNING, Johns Manville, Knauf Insulation, Paroc Group, L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX S.p.A., ODE YALITIM, Kaimann GmbH, GILSULATE INTERNATIONAL, INC.

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