Global Market for Nutraceuticals and Processing Technologies to Register a Steady Growth over 2024

Nutraceuticals And Processing Technologies Market – An array of health benefits of nutraceuticals in the driving their popularity all over the world. Nutraceutical have high nutritional value and hence are being added to various food and beverage items. Over the years, a lot has been invested in the further development the processing and manufacturing technology of nutraceuticals, owing the effectiveness they promise in treating and preventing various chronic disorders. Demand for nutraceuticals-rich products have surged substantially in the recent years and it is likely to get even more popular in the near future.

In anticipated that the rising consumption of nutraceutical products will result in greater investment in research and development as well as attract more competition. Over the next couple of years, the market is expected to undergo dynamic changes in term of growth. This TMR report provides an insightful analysis of the global market for nutraceutical and processing technologies based on key parameters that are will remain of utmost significance throughout the forecast period (2016-2024). The report evaluates the elements that have a significant influence on the overall growth of the market, include drivers, opportunities, key trends and restrains. A section of the report also talks about the structure of regulatory framework under which market players must operate. In addition, the reader will also come across the current competitive landscape of the market in the report.

Global Market for Nutraceuticals and Processing Technologies: Drivers and Challenges

As the global consumption of nutraceuticals continues to growth, it is creating growth momentum for the market. Moreover, increasing prevalence of chronic disease such as cancer and diabetes coupled with rising number of people with obesity is prompting consumers to opt for healthier food. The market already commands for nearly 10% of the total valuation of the food industry, which is a clear indication towards the increasing adoption of nutraceuticals products among consumers.

Despite being relatively more expensive, nutraceuticals products continue to gain popularity. This, in turn, makes the market highly lucrative and investable. The modern consumer is becoming increasing conscious of the various health benefits of product that contain nutraceutical ingredients, including prevention of chronic diseases, improved life expectancy and delayed aging. However, penetration remains slow in markets with large pools cost-sensitive consumers.

Key Segment Analysis

  • On the basis of end use, the global market for nutraceuticals and processing technologies into dietary supplements, medicinal foods, and functional foods.
  • Based on application, the market has been segmented into body building, pain relief, diabetes control and weight control.
  • Based on geography, the market is segmented into four key regions Europe, North America, Middle East, and Africa, and Asia Pacific

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Competitive Dashboard

The market is anticipated to present lucrative growth opportunities to companies who are aiming to excel by designing an efficient business models and have a correct and positive approach towards dealing with consumer requirements. The leading market players profiled in the TMR report include BASF Group, Herbal Life International of America, Johnson and Johnson group, Cadbury, Bayer Healthcare, Jordan Cereals, Clif Bar & Company and Cargill.