Microdisplays Market : Analysis and Forecast by 2018

Microdisplays are small displays that require magnifying optics to use them. These displays are made of a CMOS chip that includes a two dimensional array of transistors.  In combination with the liquid crystal material, a cover glass yields a reflective LCD. Microdisplays are generally used in head mounted displays, projectors, view finders, or in other lens view display systems. Continuous and rapid development in display technology has made the way for different types of displays in the commercial market in the past few years. The display industry has witnessed developments in display technologies from the heaviest cathode ray tube (CRT) displays to energy efficient organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays. Today, there are displays ranging from extra large size to just an inch. The combination of different types of display technologies has helped the existing microdisplays market to expand in the areas of defense and medicine. Based on features and performance, different technologies are used for different applications. This tremendous growth in the microdisplays market is expected to bring a rise in the sale of head mounted displays, which are extensively used for military and medical applications.
The microdisplays displays market is segmented based on products, technology, and applications as follows:
  • Product Segments
  • Near-to-Eye
  • Projections
Technology Segments
  • Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD)
  • Liquid Crystal Display Technology (LCD)
  • Liquid Crystal On-Silicon Technology (LCOS)
  • Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)
  • Application Segments
  • Industrial Applications
  • Consumer Applications
Hit by the economic downturn in 2008, many microdisplays manufacturing companies either shut down or were acquired by other companies. This market is now gaining momentum due to the increasing use of microdisplays in smartphones and televisions. The growing number of applications of microdisplays in consumer electronic products is one of the major growth drivers of this market.
Some of the market leaders engaged in the manufacturing of microdisplays include AU Optronics Corp., Cambridge Display Technology Ltd., Himax Display Inc., Epson Corp., Forth Dimension Displays Ltd., LG Display Co. Ltd., Micron Technology Inc., MicroOLED, Microvision Inc., Rockwell Collins, Kopin Corporation, Universal Display Corporation, and Vuzix Wisechip Semiconductor Inc.