Composite Cardboard Tubes Market Research Report and Outlook by Future Market Insights 2017 – 2027

The practice of packaging goes beyond the conventional purpose of protecting, or preserving products. In addition to these functions, packaging also serves the purpose of promotion and marketing. Composite cardboard tubes are one such fascinating packaging product which are used for premium product promotion, or for gifts. Composite cardboard tubes are suitable for a wide range of packaging options, from primary to luxury. Composite cardboard tubes provide a proper combination of containment, preservation and reusability. Composite cardboard tubes are specialized containers which consist of a tube-shaped body made of recycled paper, sealed with a tin or plastic plate at base. Composite cardboard tube use less material than widely used conventional boxes of the same volume. Composite cardboard tubes packaging is adopted by various food and drink manufacturers for their premium product lines and branding. A wide range of food items, including coffee, biscuits, powders, salt, puddings and cakes, are packed in composite cardboard tubes. Increasing applications in the food industry is expected to ensure a positive outlook for the global composite cardboard tubes market.

Composite consumer cardboard tubes are customizable, and come in a variety of shapes to meet consumer requirements, which includes round, spiral, and convoluted varieties, in a wide range of dimensions. The customizability of composite cardboard tubes enable increased preference for them as a packaging solution, which in turn, facilitates growth of the global composite cardboard tubes market. Another key driver is an impressive variety of composite cardboard tubes, which add value to the product. Composite cardboard tube packaging enables consumer appealing product presentation, which increases preference among consumers. To create an eye-catching impact at the time of purchase, composite cardboard tubes can have printed labels on it which can be of various colors and textures. Demand for strong and durable packaging solutions in logistics is expected to fuel growth of the global composite cardboard tubes market. Digital printing on the composite tube catches the interest of the manufacturers for the branding and promotions of their premium products. One of the factors that might hamper growth of the global composite cardboard tubes market is the cost of manufacturing. In addition, increasing preference for alternate packaging solutions such as octabins and corrugated pallets, might hamper growth of the global composite cardboard tubes market.

Global Composite Cardboard Tubes Market: Segmentation: The global cardboard tube packaging market is segmented as follows: On the basis of material typethe global composite cardboard tubes market has been segmented as follows: Paperboard, Kraft-paper, Corrugated board; On the basis of lid type used, the global composite cardboard tubes market has been segmented as follows: Ring lid foil assembly, Ring pull style, Slip lid, Peel-off membrane; On the basis of end use, the global composite cardboard tubes market has been segmented as follows: Food & beverages, Bakery and confectionary, Dairy industry, Drink Manufacturers, Personal Care & Cosmetics; Global Composite Cardboard Tubes Market: Regional Outlook: Based on regions, the global composite cardboard tubes market is segmented into seven regions – North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East & Africa (MEA), Japan

North America is currently leading the global composite cardboard tubes market, owing to a highly mature consumer base, a significant portion of which prefers premium products. Comparatively high disposable income of people in countries of North America and Europe is one of the factors which drives the composite cardboard tube packaging market growth. Latin America is expected to witness static growth due to recession. Countries like China and India are expected to witness steady growth in the composite cardboard tube market due to increase in the industrial and retail sectors.

Global Composite Cardboard Tubes Market: Key Players: Some of the players operating in the global composite cardboard tube market are: Ace Paper Tube Corp., Smurfit Kappa Group, Valk Industries, Inc., CBT Packaging Ltd., Visican Ltd., Marshall Paper Tube Co., Inc., Chicago Mailing Tube Co., Paper Tubes & Sales, Heartland Products Group, LLC, Darpac P/L, and Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc.

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