Coated Recycled Boxboard Market will be Massively Influenced by Macroeconomic Factors 2017 – 2027

The purpose of product packaging is not only to protect the product from damage during transit from manufacturer to retailer, but also to prevent damage during storage. Today, this is not the only case. Instead, packaging can make a difference between sale and a miss. Keeping these factors in mind, manufacturers are now focused more on packaging solutions with more consumer appeal and the emphasis is on safety of the product. Coated recycled boxboard is one such packaging medium, which gives the product an attractive packaging as well as safety. Coated recycled boxboard is printable. The global packaging industry has undergone rapid transformation in the past few decades, creating an absolute need for customization, to create brand awareness. The printability of coated recycled boxboards is one of the main features which increase their preference among end users.

Studies have shown that, it takes only few seconds to make impression with customers making a purchase. It lets manufacturers provide packaging which has high consumer appeal. Properties which make coated recycled boxboard ideal for packaging are their light weight, effective printable surface, and high protection for the product. One of the driving factors for growth of coated recycled boxboards is that it provides easy transport and usage. Another factor is that coated recycled boxboard provides manufacturers a perfect surface for printing. The smooth surface of the coated recycled boxboard makes it suitable for graphic printing for marketing strategies such as branding and promotions. Today, quality of packaging holds the same importance as the quality of product. Customizability is another factor which gives coated recycled boxboard an edge over the other packaging solutions. In addition, the eco-friendly feature of coated recycled boxboards, is what makes them a prime choice for packaging. Coated recycled boxboards are recyclable, and can be used for a vast array of products. The global e-commerce market has witnessed considerable growth over the last decade, thereby fuelling demand for coated recycled boxboards. The factors which might hamper growth of coated recycled boxboard include high pricing of coating machines, and tough competition by different alternative packaging solutions available in the market. Intense competition among alternate packaging solutions is anticipated to provide more opportunities to the global coated recycled boxboard market, encouraging continuous innovation.

Global Coated Recycled Boxboard Market: Segmentation: The global coated recycled boxboard market is segmented on the basis of material used, coating used, application, and end-use: On the basis of materials used: Corrugated, Cardboard; On the basis of coating used: Clay coated recycled boxboard, Titanium dioxide coated recycled boxboard, Calcium carbonate coated recycled boxboard; On the basis of application: Folding boxboard, Solid bleached sulphate, Solid unbleached board, White lined chipboard; On the basis of end use industry: Food and beverages industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Paper goods industry

Based on regions, the global coated recycled boxboard market is segmented into seven regions – North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, and Japan. The North American region has witnessed increased emphasis on recycling of paper products, in the last couple of decades. Western Europe has witnessed growth in coated recycled boxboard market due to adequate recycling technology. Latin America, APEJ and Middle East are expected to observe steady growth due to increased demand of recyclable packaging solutions. In the Asia Pacific region, India and China are expected to witness growth in the coated recycled boxboard market. Japan is expected to witness moderate growth in the coated recycled boxboard market. Rest of the world is expected to lag behind in recycled boxboard due to lack of recycling infrastructure.

Global Coated Recycled Boxboard Market: Key Players: Some of the players in the global composite cardboard tube market on the basis of market are as shown below: Graphic Packaging International, Inc, Carauster Industries, Inc., Cascades, Smurfit kappa

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