Cervical Pillows Market Projected to Grow at Steady Rate through 2026

Due to today’s fast paced life, the toll on health has increased and various kinds of health related problems have cropped up in our lives. Cervical problem is one of the most common health related issue that people face during the present times. The causes of cervical pain are degenerative disc disease, neck strain or injury, a herniated disc or a pinched nerve. Cervical problem is generally known as neck pain, and this medical condition commonly occurs in people above 50 years of age. However, this problem has now become common in the younger age group as well. Cervical spine possesses the top 7 vertebrae of the spine. These seven bones are protected by disks and the spinal cord is located inside these bones. The cervical spine of a person is susceptible to degenerative problems because of its large range of motion and complex anatomy. Some of the common cervical disorders are spinal stenosis, disc herniation, spondylitis, etc. which translate into neck pain.

In order to counter this problem of cervical pain, the use of cervical pillows is made. Cervical pillows are designed to support the neck in proper alignment at night and is specifically shaped to guide the head and neck into the right angles during sleep. It is important for the proper functioning of the cervical pillow that it rises where the neck is positioned and compresses where the position of the head lies. Cervical pillows do the job of maintaining the neck’s natural arch while sleeping. Cervical pillows come in various sizes, shapes and materials, depending upon the unique body shape and size of different consumers.

As of 2010, neck pain or cervical pain affected about 5% of the global population. More than 30 million Americans suffer from pain associated with the neck or back related ailments as per the data given by the American College of Rheumatology. Buying the right kind of cervical pillow can offer pain relief, correct the spinal alignment and help to maintain a good posture while sleeping. There are two basic types of cervical pillows, namely displacement cervical pillows and supportive cervical pillows. With the work environment becoming more sedentary, neck pain or cervical pain is becoming a common phenomenon around the world. In addition, with rising disposable income and increasing healthcare spending, especially in the developing countries, the cervical pillows market is poised to exhibit a sustained growth in the coming decade.

Lack of awareness about cervical pain and affordability issues, especially in the developing countries, can be considered as market restrains in an otherwise lucrative cervical pillows market.

North America and Europe are amongst the most lucrative market for cervical pillows. The Asia-Pacific region promises the maximum growth potential in the coming decade. Countries like China, India and South Korea are poised to exhibit a robust growth in the cervical pillows market due to rising disposal income and increased healthcare spending in these countries.

Flamingo is a key market player in India and caters both to the domestic and international markets. As far as North America is concerned, Mediflow Inc., Coop Home Goods, Malouf and DC Labs are major market players.

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