Good Growth Opportunities in Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling (ITCC) Market Till 2027

Improvements in vehicle safety technology and fuel efficiency is an urgent issue owing to the intense public demand for safety and environmental protection. As a result, the number of vehicles equipped All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system is increasing. The development of Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling a compact, light-weight and electrically controlled coupling using an electromagnetic clutch as an actuator, was solely based on delivery of optimum torque to each of the four wheels, right and left, front and rear. Models like MPVs and SUVs are equipped with three rows of seat and higher load carrying capabilities. This can result in varying load conditions because of the number of passenger or cargo loads. Under these vehicle conditions, it’s hard for standard differential speed-sensitive couplings to achieve both reliable traction performance during hill take-off and ease of drag feel, typically during tight corner braking.  After calculating all the elements like weather conditions, driver’s intention sand vehicle use the Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling technology ensures that all four tires are firmly hugging the road under all changing conditions. The ECU analyses driver operation and road surface conditions based on signals received from sensors on the vehicle. Then the ITCC transfers the appropriate torque to the output shaft according to the electrical current from ECU.

The key driving factor for the Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling market is overall driving safety and environment protection. ITCC contributes to higher fuel efficiency and superb driving performance. The usage of electromagnetic touch has reduced the size and weight of the component. Vehicles equipped with ITCC exhibit a standing start acceleration performance and brilliant handling stability even on the slippery surfaces. Also, ITCC continuously adjusts the driving force to the front and rear wheels according to driver operation and road surface conditions. ITCC has electromagnetics clutch which is highly responsive making it easy to coordinate control with various vehicle control systems. Other driving factors for the Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling markets are superior traction and maneuverability and excellent compatibility with ABS and other stability control systems. Ease of installation of ITCC system is also a market driver.

ITCC is not a new technology; it has been around for some time. Development of new coupling technologies owing to continuous, global R&D significantly possess a threat to ITCC market.

Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling (ITCC) Market: Segmentation

Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling (ITCC) Market Segmentation By Sales Channel – OEM, Aftermarket; By Vehicle – Passenger cars, (Economy car, [Micro car, Hatchback], Sedan, Luxury car, Sports car), Commercial vehicles, (LCV [Light commercial vehicle], HCV [Heavy commercial vehicle]); By Component – Input shaft, Output shaft, Electromagnetic clutch section, Main clutch section, Cam mechanism

Regarding geography, The Global Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling (ITCC) Market has been categorized into seven key regions including North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, APEJ, Japan, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. Europe and North America being the earliest developers of the technology have high penetration rate in the ITCC market. Asia Pacific is expected to show significant growth regarding market share owing to increased consumer awareness and demand for safer vehicles. Large economies of the world i.e. USA, China, and the UK, will lead The Global Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling (ITCC) Market owing to their stringent regulations and environmental policies.

Key players identified in Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling (ITCC) market are:- ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Ford, Toyoda, Continental AG, JTKT Corporation, Borg Warner Inc.

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