Global Bio-Medical Packaging Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2027

The number of annual transplants and surgical implants in the world are increasing each year. This is made possible by effective and developing bio-medical packaging. Various developed methods of packaging, especially the development in manufacturing of bio-medical packaging by highly advanced packaging machines has enabled the longer life of organs and specimens, protection from contamination and thus, decreased number of failure in surgeries. Bio-medical packaging market consists of various packaging solutions like bio-bottles, bio-pouches, bio-medical waste bins, temperature control kits, infectious substance packaging and much more. Increasing awareness in people about human body and advancement in biotechnology has ensured the growth of bio-medical packaging market in most parts of the world.

People are now much concerned and aware about health of an average citizen and more number of people are taking oath for organ donation. Blood donation has also grown over last few years, especially in high income countries. This has increased the demand of long term bio-medical preservation and has driven the bio-medical packaging market. High investment by medical industry has led to ever changing technology. Presently, active refrigeration and thermostat equipped boxes are getting popular for storing specimen which highly increases the safe life time for the specimen over storing it in temperature controlled kits. This is a fact that might affect the bio-medical packaging market for a particular product. Bio-medical packaging market is not only dedicated to safety of the matter stored in it, but also protects the environment from getting infectious by infected organs or samples. Government in every region is concerned about the cleanliness and standards maintained in the hospitals. Various standards are given to hospitals on the basis of standards maintained by the hospital and this directly governs the number of patients attended by the hospital. This fact has forced the hospitals to strictly maintain the standards and regularly change various packaging, and thus has driven the bio-medical packaging market.

Bio-Medical Packaging Market Segments By Contact With The Specimen – Primary packaging, Secondary packaging; By Rigidity Of Packaging – Flexible packaging, Rigid packaging; By Product Type – Bio-bottles, Bio-pouches, Bio-hazard bags, Infectious substance packaging, Temperature controlled kits, Bio-medical waste bins, Others; Bio-medical packaging market can be segmented by the region as- North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan

Other than some of the countries of Africa, most of the countries on every continent have some organization, either government controlled or private, taking care of public health at national level. This indicates a huge bio-medical packaging market worldwide other than a comparatively small market of Africa. After 2000, GDP of Africa has tremendously grown and also, population of Africa is continuously growing. This indicates a good opportunity for bio-medical packaging market in Africa. Number of surgical procedures performed per capita is relatively very high in Australia and Brazil. The Middle East is widely known for plastic surgery in the world. Dubai is aiming half a million foreigners for plastic surgeries by 2020. North America has most of top positioned hospitals of the world with comparatively large capacity. Also, highly developed surgical treatments is the reason for people to trust the North American hospitals. This has driven the bio-medical packaging market in the North America.

Some of the key players of bio-medical packaging market are Tecnisample SL, Temperature Packaging Solutions, CarePack Holland BV, Cibesmed biomedical packaging, Exeltainer SL, Custom Pack, Inc., Bio-bottle Ltd., Bio-Packaging Ltd., Extra Packaging Corp.

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