Automotive Electric Vacuum Pump Market Global Industry Analysis, size, share and Forecast 2017-2027

Automatic electric vacuum pump is a device that gets the drive from the camshaft in the engine. It can also be run by alternator shaft in some designs. It’s an added benefit to any engine, which has high performance. The primary function of an automatic electric vacuum pump is to drain out the air from brake booster tank hence creating the vacuum, which in turn can be used for application of the brake. An electric vacuum pump will increase engine life, add horsepower and keep the oil clean for a longer period. It enhances the safety function of the vehicle. Electric vacuum pump monitors the change in the space of the brake booster tank by the vacuum sensors, thus providing enough power to the drivers. The automatic electric vacuum pump market is on a high with high usage in cars for safety purpose. It also keeps engine functioning for a longer period hence increasing the motor life.

The primary factor driving the growth of automotive electric vacuum pump market is improving vehicle manufacturing in countries such as China, Brazil, and India along with increased installation of automatic electric vacuum pump owing to growing demand for safety by customers. Pulling the vacuum with a dedicated pump has been a preferred method for over two decades. With the technology steadily advancing the important benefits include improved ring seal by relieving crankcase pressure below the rings, reduced lubricant contamination, reduced gas port pollution and so forth.  For instance, Hella- an automotive part manufacturer has developed a novel electrically driven vacuum pump for the brake system that will save gas and reduce emission in cars. Moreover, the novel pumps enhance fuel efficiency and help in keeping the overall fuel cost. With the increase in demand for installation of the electric vacuum pump in the vehicles, the automotive part manufacturers have benefited undoubtedly. Most OEM vacuum pumps work ideal for short time as they are not meant to be used in an oily environment. They need some modification to make them compatible with oil. The only problem with an OEM-designed vacuum pump is that the components inside the pump are designed for oil free air. These scenarios mostly happen in the race or high-performance cars.

Automotive Electric Vacuum Pump Market Segmentation By Based On The Type – Diaphragm Type, Swing Piston Type, Leaf Type; By Application – EV Cars, Diesel Vehicles, Hybrid Cars, Ports Cars, Others

Geographically, automotive electric vacuum pump market has been segmented into seven key regions including North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, APEJ, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. The APEJ is estimated to be the largest automotive electric vacuum pump market due to emerging economies such as India and China. OEMs have plans to increase their production capacity concerning volume and are also setting up new manufacturing facilities with technological advancement in these regions. Increasing vehicle production in APEJ has propelled the growth of automotive industry in this region which is further lead to the surge in automotive electric vacuum pumps market. The Western European countries like Germany, France, and the UK are stepping up their production in electric vacuum pump manufacturing, with the implementation of new technology in their output followed by North America and Latin America with few of the biggest automotive manufacturing companies in these regions. The USA has been leading in the production of electric vacuum pumps followed by Brazil and Mexico. Japan, being technologically advanced coupled with a top automotive manufacturer is expected to grow in near future. The Middle East and Africa region has also been predicted to develop with the GCC countries stepping up their attempt to set up new manufacturing facilities.

Some of the prominent players identified in the automotive electric vacuum pump market include: Hella, Continental, Youngshin, LPR Global, Tuopu Group, GZ Motorsports

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