Automotive Door Latch Market size and forecast, 2017-2027

Increase in the demand for vehicles, coupled with an increase in purchasing power, has driven demand for the automotive door latch market. In automotive industry, a door latch bears a lot of responsibility from passenger safety to reducing risks at the time of an accident. Moreover, the first impression of the vehicle is often related to the acoustic and tactile feel while closing and opening of doors. An automotive door latch is composed of a lock striker, latch, and operating mechanisms (internal & external). The car door latch system is an important safety component of the car body. Now days, apart from safety equipment, such as seat belts and airbags, developing safe door latches also features as a high priority for automotive manufacturers.

The electronic latch (e-latch) is the fastest growing segment among all the door latches. The demand for e-latch has increased, owing to the increase in vehicle safety concerns and technological advancements. Now, companies are advancing their technology and providing smart lock solutions, which allow the user to control door locks from a tablet, smartphone and any Bluetooth enabled device. Similarly, companies have launched a default lock setting to lock the doors and tailgate when the vehicle reaches 10 mph.

In luxury cars and sports models, side door latches with smart technology are installed, which require no rods, cables and moving handles in the door. These latches are light in weight, owing to less components, which helps in reducing the weight of the door. In the upcoming few years, the demand for these latches will be the trending opportunity for automotive door latch manufacturers. Moreover, with the prevailing and upcoming emission norms in European and North American countries, manufacturers will prefer this technology for their cars. In India, stringent BS-VI norms will pressurize OEMs to make light weight vehicles, which in turn will increase the demand for new technology. In countries, such as Brazil, Germany, the U.K. and South Africa, the demand is expected to grow over the coming few years.

The increase in the demand for vehicles and rising concerns related to safety of occupants, drives the demand for the automotive door latch market. However, meeting pressing government safety standards and satisfying different OEM design specifications in a cost-effective, timely manner is a major challenge for automotive door latch suppliers.

In the Asia Pacific region, China and India will be opportunistic markets for automotive door latches, owing to the increase in demand for the vehicles along with rising purchase power and economy. In the European region, Germany and the U.K. will contribute a significant share in the automotive door latch market. The U.S. is the largest automotive door latch market in North America. In the MEA region, South Africa and Turkey will be major contributors for the automotive door latch market. Stringent emission norms have led to the downsizing of automotive components and hence, pressurizing manufacturers to reduce the weight of vehicle doors.

Automotive Door Latch Market Segmentation By Application – Side Door Latch, Tailgate Latch, Back Seat, Hood Latch, Others; By Basis Of Function – Electronic, Non Electronic; By Vehicle Type – Passenger Car, LCV, HCV; By Basis Of Sales – OEM, Aftermarket

Examples of some of the market participants identified in the automotive door latch market across the globe are: Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co, Shivani Locks Pvt. Ltd., Magna International Inc., Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd., Kiekert AG, Strattec Security Corporation , Inteva Products, LLC, Witte Automotive, U-Shin Ltd., Inteva Products, LLC, Minda Vast Access Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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