Pullulanase Market Is Expected To Profits by 2017 – 2027

Starch is a raw material used in various industrial like food, detergents, etc. Pullulanase is a de-branching enzyme found in plants and bacteria, is an enzyme used in starch processing. It is distributed in plants and bacteria. Pullulanase is present in the range of organisms which includes bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and animals. This enzyme is used in commercial production of glucose, maltose, and maltotriose. Recently, polysaccharides rich agricultural wastes are processed from the sucrose and glucose dumping. It degrades the starch to glucose or maltose. It is used in many industries like glucose and maltose syrup production, baking and cyclodextrin production recently.

The factors that drive the pullulanase market are rising demand for processed food, it triggers the saccharification process, and its extensive uses in the commercial products and all facilitates the growth of the pullulanase market. It is preferred enzyme in the industries where starch is processed. It’s vast industrial the use, its health benefits, consumers’ inclination towards chemical fewer products thus participating in an ant-staling treatment; all are the driving factors for the consumers and the manufacturers of the industrial products.

The factors that affect the pullulanase market are its pH value, temperature and time dependent nature, the concentration of substrate, natural source, metal ions, and polyols. These factors are considered to be the restraining factors for this market.

The optimum pH level is the best range for the growth of enzyme. Any further extreme changes in pH level directly affect the quality of the food. It depends on various internal and external factors. Likewise, temperature and time both are the most important factors which affect the production of the enzyme. Enzymes show highest activity in the presence of Ca2+, and thus metal ions and carbon and nitrogen source affect the quality and production process of the enzymes.

Pullulanase Market Segmentation By Sources – Plants, Micro-organisms; By Substrate – Pullulan hydrolase type I, Pullulan hydrolase type II, Pullulanase type I, Pullulanase type II; By Application – Starch Processing, Baking, Branched cyclodextrin production, Laundry Detergents, Low-calorie beer

The group of pullulan degrading enzymes, pullulanase market consists of Pullulanase type I, Amylopullulanase, Neopullulanase, Isopullulanase, Pullulan hydrolase type III. Based on its substrate concentration, it is segmented into four parts namely, pullulan hydrolase type I which attacks α-1,4 glycosidic linkages and forms panose, pullulan hydrolase type II attacks α-1,4 glycosidic linkages to form isopanose, pullulanase type I specifically hydrolyzes α-1,6 glycosidic linkages to form linear oligomers. And pullulanase type II attacks α-1, 6 glycosidic linkages and branched substrates

The pullulanase market is majorly segmented into its substrate concentration and its applications. Based on its applications, pullulanase has various industrial and commercial segmentations. It is used in the starch processing industry. When combined with α-amylases in sugar syrups, the method generates high yield output from the starch. This thus increases the saccharification reaction. In baking industry, extreme firmness, loss of flavors, the decrease of moisture content, deterioration of product quality, all are controlled with the pullulanase enzyme. It is used in washing and laundry detergents also. It is segmented based on its source, plant source, and micro-organisms.

Pullulanase market, has its presence in the seven regions including North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific, The Middle East and Asia. The pullulanase market is forecasted to have a measurable growth in the given period in The Americas and the Europe following Asia Pacific. Increasing growth in the food, cosmetics, personal care and other related market spurs the demand for pullulanase in the market.

Some of the market players for pullulanase market includes: Amano Enzyme, Shandong Longda, Sunson Industry Group Co Ltd, Novozymes , Xingtai Sinobest Biotech Co., Ltd.

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