New Study Offers Detailed Insights on Paper Based Laminates Market

Paper based laminates are made of layers of paper with resins sticking a layers together, bonded under pressure and heat in order to produce a thermoset composite. Paper based laminates offer excellent electric insulating property, low moisture absorption, high insulation resistance, easy machining to good finish and good mechanical strength. Paper based laminates are sustainable, functional and suitable for surfacing options which are suitable for low-wear, light duty applications. The paper based laminates are available in large assortment of patterns and number of colors. The paper based laminates can be combined paper grades and with several coatings in order to deliver a unique appearance or to deliver a required performance. The paper based laminates have a very good property of electrical insulation and hence are used widely in electrical installations in equipment’s where firm electrical insulations are required.

The factors boosting the growth of global paper based laminates market is due to growing building & construction industry, since many years paper has become an increasing preference for surface upgrading of wood-based materials. For higher voltage and when greater electrical stability is needed in varying humidity higher grades of paper based laminates are chosen. The factor decreasing the demand for global paper based laminates is due to property of paper based laminates, strength of paper based is not as high as other materials and hence are not preferred in application where high toughness, high bearing property and high stress carrying capability is required.

Global Paper Based Laminates Market: Market Segmentation, Regional Overview and Players

The global paper based laminates market has been classified by end users, application, grade, paper type, pressure type and finish. On the basis of application, the global paper based laminates market is segmented into: Commercial Application- Electrical, Lighting, Electronic components, LV transformers, Automotive, MV transformers, Electric switchgear, General engineering; Domestic Application- Cabinets and door, Counter top, Kitchen cabinet, Partition, Wall panel, Table top; On the basis of Grade, the global paper based laminates market is segmented into: B1, B4, B4PQ, B5; On the basis of finish, the global paper based laminates market is segmented into: Satin, Gloss, Matte; On the basis of end users, the global paper based laminates market is segmented into: Building & Construction, Commercial Industry, Hospitality Industry, Automotive Industry, Retail, Manufacturing Industry, Healthcare Industry; On the basis of pressure, the global paper based laminates market is segmented into: Low pressure laminates, High pressure laminates; On the basis of paper type, the global paper based laminates market is segmented into: Décor paper, Overlay,Laminating Kraft, Absorbent Kraft

Building & construction and commercial industry has higher rate of usage of paper based laminates. The commercial application has more growth due increase in the building & construction industry.

Based on the geographies, the global paper based laminates market is fragmented into seven key regions- Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific except Japan and Japan. Among the regions mentioned above, North America and Western Europe are the largest consumer of paper based laminates, APEJ and japan are the fastest growing market for paper based laminates due to the increase in growth of building & construction industry followed by Eastern Europe and Latin America. MEA region has a stagnant growth rate. Overall the growth of global paper based laminates is expected to have a positive growth rate owing to the increase in use of paper based laminates for domestic applications.

Some of the market players identified in the global paper based laminates market includes: KEVIN POLYMERS PVT. LTD., Attwater & Sons Ltd & © Custom Composites Ltd, Eagle Insulation, Impreglam Electronics Limited, Bakelite Hylam Limited, Greycon, Guangzhou Remica Building Materials Co.,Ltd, Kblaminates, Sigma Laminates

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