Wraparound Case Packers Market Value Chain, Dynamics and Key Players 2017 – 2027

The use of packaging machinery has increased over the past decade. Nowadays wraparound case packers are used in place of regular RSCs (Regular Slotted Cartons), as they are known to result in significant cost savings. In wraparound case packers, a die cut cardboard sheet is folded around the products despite using pre made cartons. RSCs have flaps on all sides that overlap each other. In RSCs, case is generally larger in size than what is needed to accommodate the product. In wraparound case packers, it is not necessary to place and load assemblies inside the case during process of packaging, which results in tighter wraparound case that leads to less material usage for the formation of cases. Wraparound case packer is capable of handling the wraparound tray blank, harness style case blank, and case blank. All these features are expected to increase preference for wraparound case packers, among manufacturers, over the forecast period. In addition, wraparound case packers are customizable according to the requirement of customer. It provides higher operational speed and minimal clearance between case and products. Wraparound case packers come with speed of up to 10 cases per minute to 30 cases per minute. Wraparound case packers are available in horizontal and vertical machine types to meet various industrial demands. Therefore, the market outlook for wraparound case packers are likely to remain largely positive, over the forecast period.

Global wraparound case packers market: Dynamics: The global wraparound case packers market is anticipated to grow on the backdrop of growing commercial and industrial market. In addition, wraparound case packer reduces amount of material used for the formation of cases, as is the case with regular slotted containers. This factor is expected to drive the global wraparound case packers market growth over the forecast period. Wraparound case packers reduce labour costs through automation of packing process and increased production efficiency. It provides flexibility to pack products of different sizes on same machine, which is expected to boost the global wraparound case packers market growth over the forecast period. Unlike RSCs, wraparound case packers are a faster and much efficient way of packaging in manufacturing units, thus creating more demand for such solutions.  Cost might be a factor which might hamper the global wraparound case packers market growth over the forecast period. In order to meet evolving consumers demand, manufacturers are opting for newer technologies. It is anticipated to witness rise in the global wraparound case packers market growth.

Global wraparound case packers market: Segmentation: Wraparound Case Packers Market Segmentation By machine orientation – Vertical wraparound case packers,Horizontal wraparound case packers; By machine type – Automatic,Semiautomatic;By packaging speed – 10-15 cases per minute,15-30 cases per minute; Based on regions, the global track and trace labels market is divided into seven regions namely: North America, Western Europe, Asia-pacific except Japan, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle-east and Africa, Japan

The APEJ region is expected to drive the global wraparound case packers demand over the forecast period, due to the growing manufacturing and industrial units in the countries such as China and India. Especially in China, the machines market is growing at rapid rate due to growing competition among the manufacturers which will boost the overall market growth for wraparound case packers. North America and Western Europe are anticipated to witness moderate growth over the forecast period due to well established packaging industry in the regions. The Latin America wraparound case packers market is expected to witness sluggish growth due to economic downturn in the region. Eastern Europe and MEA regions are anticipated to enjoy higher than average growth over the forecast period due to growing industrialization. Japan is expected to witness moderate growth in wraparound case packers market over the forecast period due to well established automated industry.

Global wraparound case packers market: Key Players: Few of the key players of the global wraparound case packers market are –  RECOPAK Machinery Pty. Ltd., Clearpack, Frain Industries, Massman Automation Designs, LLC, SMI S.p.A., EconoCorp Inc., Ear-Flap Group, Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH, and Hartness International, among others.

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