Slippery Elm Market Predicted to Witness Steady Growth During the Forecast Period 2017 – 2027

The slippery elm tree is native to eastern Canada and central U.S. where it is mostly found in the Appalachian Mountains. Slippery elm is also being referred scientifically by the names such as Ulmus rubra or U. fulva. Slippery elm has been used for herbal medication in North America. Native Americans used slippery elm in healing salves for wounds, boils, ulcers, burns, and skin inflammation. It was also taken orally to relieve coughs, sore throats, diarrhea, and stomach problems. Slippery elm is also known as red elm, Indian elm, moose elm and sweet elm.

Slippery Elm Market: Segmentation: The Slippery Elm market is mainly segmented into a source, application, end users, and distribution channel. On the basis of source, Slippery Elm market can be segmented into organic and conventional sources. Slippery Elm is being used in the mixture of other compounds for various applications especially in baby foods and adult nutritionals. Hence the value for conventional slippery elm is higher than its organic form.; On the basis of form, Slippery Elm market can be segmented into powder, capsules and liquid form. Due to the large-scale application of powdered barks of elm slippery in the pharmaceutical industry, the volume share for powdered slippery elm is higher than its liquid form.

On the basis of application, Slippery Elm market can be segmented into Demulcent and Protectant. Slippery Elm prepared as a poultice coats and protects irritated tissues such as skin or intestinal membranes. Powdered bark is incorporated into lozenges to provide demulcent action (soothing to mucous membranes) in the treatment of throat irritation. ; On the basis of End Users, Slippery Elm market can be segmented to Households, Pharmaceutical industry, and baby food nutrition. Among these end users, the pharmaceutical industry is being anticipated to gain higher value growth rate which could be attributed to valuable health benefits associated with Slippery Elm.

On the basis of a distribution channel, Slippery Elm market can be segmented into direct and indirect. The Indirect segment can further be sub-segmented into Modern Trade, Specialty Store, Medical Store, and E-Retailers. Due to the easy availability of product facilitated in Modern and Medical Store, this kind of stores has the higher share in terms of volume and value sales. Due to rising internet penetration in the recent past globally, distribution through E- Retailers are expected to surge the market.

Slippery Elm Market: Regional Outlook: The global Slippery Elm market has been segmented into seven key regions including North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, and the Middle East & Africa. Due to its easy availability in the regions like Canada and central U.S., the value share of North American market is expected to surge as compared to other global regions. Taking into account for the highly established market for baby food nutrition and pharmaceutical industry in North America would help to drive the demand for Slippery elm market in these regions.

Slippery Elm Market: Demand Driver: Slippery Elm is usually used for the treatment of coughs, sore throat, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel systems, bladder and urinary tract infections, syphilis, herpes and also being used for expelling tapeworm. Slippery elm is applied to the skin for wounds, burns, gout, rheumatism, cold sores, boils, abscesses, ulcers, toothaches, sore throat, and as a lubricant to ease labor. Slippery elm is also being used in the manufacturing of baby foods and adult nutrition as well. Owing to its valuable health benefits factors can help drive its demand in pharmaceutical industries.

Slippery Elm Market: Key Player: Some of the key players in Slippery Elm Market are    Nature’s Way Products, LLC, NOW Health Group, Inc., Nature’s Garden, Potter’s Herbals, Herbs Hands Healing LtdIntegria Healthcare, Health & Herbs, Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Biocare Medical, LLC. Oregon’s Wild Harvest and various other companies.

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