Metalized Films Market Trends, Forecast, and Analysis by Future Market Insights

Flexible packaging films such as metalized films offer a robust solution for the packaging of various food and household products. Metalized films are coated with a thin layer of metal, generally aluminum. It can also be coated with copper, chromium, or nickel metal. The coating offers several attributes including glossy appearance, high barrier properties, low permeability, higher stiffness and excellent sealing strength. With low oxygen and air transmission rate, metalized film is an ideal product to preserve the food products for the longer period of time. Metalized film is a cost effective alternative packaging product for aluminum foil. It is very suitable for the packaging of food products which do not require ultra-high barrier properties. Also, the UV transmission rate is 5% which is too low when compared to PET films (91% transmittance). The metalized films can also be used for decoration and insulation applications. The corona treatment is used to enhance barrier & high-gloss properties and also to increase the adhesion on film surface before printing, laminating or coating on metalized films.

Geographically, the global Metalized Films market is segmented across following regions- Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. The metalized films market has grown extraordinarily in the past few years. Globally, the high demand for packaged food products results in higher penetration of metalized film market in the food industry. The mature markets including North America and Europe are the largest metalized films market by consumption levels. The emerging markets such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America is expected to expand at a higher CAGR value than mature markets due to increasing consumption levels and disposable incomes of middle-class households. Markets including the Middle East & Africa and Japan also offer untapped growth potential for the metalized films market in the coming years.

The prime driving factor for the growth of metalized films market is the rising need for efficient packaging solution for the food and pharmaceutical products which require high barrier properties from the surrounding environment. Metalized films are cost efficient and offer similar characteristics as that of aluminum foils. As a result, metalized films are replacing aluminum foils for the packaging of various easily affected products. This is the other factor which contributes to the expansion of metalized films market. When any food material is kept in metalized films for the longer period of time in contact with ultraviolet light, it may result in the emission of colors in food items. This can cause harmful effects on human health. This may hamper the growth of metalized films market. The latest innovations observed in this field of packaging is the use of plural metalized layers (each being different from others) to increase moisture-resistance properties of the film.

Metalized Films: Key players: Some of the key players in the global Metalized Films market are Jindal Poly Films Limited, Cosmo Films Ltd., DUNMORE Corporation, Sierra Coating Technologies LLC, Flex-Film International BV, Avery Dennison Corp, Polinas Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Accrued Plastic Ltd., POLIFILM Group, Invico S.A., Manucor S.p.A., TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES GROUP, Klöckner Pentaplast Ltd., Innovia Films Ltd., Jolybar Filmtechnic Converting 1987 Ltd.

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 Metalized Films: Market Segmentation: Metalized Films Market Segmentation By its types – Transparent Metalized films,Gloss Voided Metalized films,Voided Metalized films,Reflective Metalized films; metal used – Aluminum,Copper; Material used – PE,PET,PP,Nylon,Polyimide,Polycarbonate,TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane),Othersp; film type – Two layer film,Three layer film,Multilayer film; printing technology – Flexographic,Gravure,Offset; end use – Personal care,Pharmaceutical,Automotive/Industrial,Food products,Household products.



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