Heat Seal Pouch Market Opportunities, Demand and Forecasts, 2017 – 2027

A pouch is a container which is used for carrying goods or products. The heat seal pouch is a type of pouch which does not allow the heat to escape into the outer environment. Heat seal pouches come with market friendly features such as zipper reclosure, tear notches, hang hole features, and attractive billboards for graphics. The vendors are using sealed and microwaveable pouches for developing frozen food packaging designs which are easy to dispose of. The food sector is the largest end user of heat seal pouch market and is expected to occupy around 60% of total market share in the forecast period. Heat seal pouches are continuously gaining more importance in dry food packaging, bakery, poultry, frozen food, baby food, and others applications.

Heat seal pouch – Market Dynamics: Growth in demand for heat seal pouch market is expected to grow strongly for several reasons. One of the significant factors contributing towards the growth of heat seal pouch is the growing demand for baby food, bakery products, confectionery, and frozen foods globally which are expected to drive the growth of this market in the coming years. Another factor contributing towards the growth of heat seal pouch market is the rise in dual earning families and working professionals which have increased the consumption of processed food which in turn has increased the demand for convenient and high value added packaging solutions. Moreover, the online ordering of grocery and food have also helped to increase the demand for packaged food which gives heat seal pouch market more scope for expansion. However, the high investment needed for the purchase of heat seal pouches for packaging is considered as the major threat to its market growth. The variation in raw material availability and energy prices could also have a negative effect on the growth of the heat seal pouch market.

Heat seal pouch – Market Segmentation: On the basis of material type, the heat seal pouch market is segmented into plastic, aluminium foil, Kraft paper foil, or a combination of these. On the basis of shape, the heat seal pouch market is segmented into round bottom, K seal, and corner sealed. On the basis of Pouch closure, the heat seal pouch market is segmented into a press to close zippers, hooded sliders, sliders, spouts, and fitments, etc. On the basis of sealed type, the heat seal pouch market is segmented into hot bar sealing, ultrasonic sealing and impulse sealing. On the basis of end use, heat seal pouch market can be categorized into products of food & beverages, personal care, health care, industrial products, and other manufacturing industries. Further, health care segment can be sub categorized into medical practice, dental practice, veterinary, laboratory, and surgery. Food & beverages segment can be sub categorized into dairy, meat products, and confectionary products, ready to eat products and others.

Heat seal pouch – Regional Outlook: The heat seal pouch market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Europe is the largest revenue-generating region in the market of around 36% due to excessive demand for packaged food owing to a higher standard of living and high disposable income of people. India and China are expected to show significant growth in heat seal pouch market volume share due to rise in the retail sector in these regions. Asia Pacific is the largest regional market for heat seal pouch, owing to high demand from end use industries such as food and beverages, personal care products, and packaging.

Heat seal pouch – Major Players: The following companies are the key players in the global bag heat seal pouches market: Maruthi Plastics & Packaging Chennai Pvt. Ltd., PAC Machinery, DuPont, Kamakshi Lamipack Pvt. Ltd., Shako Flexipack Pvt. Ltd., and Granton Cleanline.

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