Audio Communication Monitoring Market Dynamics, Segments and Supply Demand 2017-2027

As integration of audio communication continues to increase, enterprises need to be aware about the laws regarding audio communication monitoring. Hence, there should not be any misperceptions related to rules for recording audio as audio recording is a valuable security tool for any enterprise. There are a few best practices that a company can follow before installing an audio communication monitoring system. The enterprise should be aware of all the state laws pertaining to audio communication recording which will help them in finding the best fit system for their enterprise hassle-free. When the company marks any place in office premise under surveillance, they should post clear and visible signs indicating that the particular area is under surveillance. Also, the companies should intimate the employees that the audio communication monitoring systems have been placed for increasing the security of the company and for no other purpose.

One of the major driving factors of audio communication monitoring market is increasing demand for real-time call monitoring and security that has led to wide adoption of audio communication monitoring solution by various levels of enterprises across different industry verticals. Another driving factor of audio communication monitoring solution is the necessity of enterprises to gain real-time insights from call records, convert it into structured data which in turn will lead to reduction in losses and increase in operational efficiency of the organizations; which can be done by having an efficient audio communication monitoring solution in place.

Few of the companies in audio communication monitoring market are: IBM Corporation, Tata Communications Ltd., Cisco Systems, Ltd., NICE Systems Ltd., Intelligent Voice Ltd., Fonetic Solutions, Nexidia, Inc., Nectar Services Corporation and Behavox Ltd.Audio communication monitoring market is currently dominated by North America region owing to the advancements in technology such as improved call recording systems. Europe audio communication monitoring market follows next as various industry verticals such as BFSI and healthcare industry are realizing the importance of audio communication monitoring applications in their offices. APEJ region is fast picking up pace in the audio communication monitoring market due to developing infrastructure and increased awareness of benefits of audio communication monitoring technologies.

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