Agile Application Life-Cycle Management Market Analysis and Value Forecast Snapshot by End-use Industry 2017-2027

Agile application life-cycle management is gradually becoming a key to innovation, and becoming a norm to drive dynamic, modern software delivery solution. This transition is happening as large vendors are offering options for smarter products and internet of things. Agile application life-cycle management is essentially beneficial for organizations that need to provide speedy delivery of solutions and need to provide continuous release of builds during the entire life-cycle of any product or software solution.

One added benefit of agile application life-cycle management is that it is built on an open framework/architecture, hence it has the flexibility of adding more functions during the entire development lifecycle. In addition to this, agile application life-cycle management is receptive to change and can create correlations between organizations, people and development strategies.

One of the major driving factors of agile application life-cycle management is the increasing levels of globalizations of industries, which makes it essential for every organization to have a strong life cycle management solution in place. Also, due to rising demands of customer and continuous up gradation of technologies, clients usually demand for customization of product/ solution in between development lifecycle.

Hence, adoption of agile application life-cycle management by companies is on the rise as the companies making use of this technology are able to offer interim builds to their client and also update the features as and when required. Few of the companies in Agile Application Life-Cycle Management market are: Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., Electric Cloud, Inc., IBM Corporation, Changepoint Corporation, Atlassian Corporation, CA Technologies, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and VersionOne, Inc. These companies are continually in the process of updating their offerings and service portfolio.

Agile Application Life-Cycle Management market is currently dominated by North America region owing to technological advancements and level of automation in the region; especially by US and Canada. Europe agile application life-cycle management market follows next as various industry verticals such as transportation and automation industry are realizing the importance of this technology over conventional product lifecycle management. APEJ region is fast picking up pace in the agile application life-cycle management market owing to increase in demand of agile process over conventional life-cycle management.

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