Wafer Inspection System Market Revenue, Opportunity, Segment and Key Trends 2017 – 2027

The requirement of integrated circuits are increasing globally, with the introduction of new electrical products functioning on integrated circuits. This, in direct proportion, increases the demand of wafers. For better and efficient functioning of wafers, timely checks of these wafers are required. Henceforth, to administer the proper functioning and increase the life of wafers, there is a need of wafer inspection system market. The principles used for detection by wafer inspection systems are – patterned wafer inspection system & Non-patterned wafer inspection systems.

Wafer inspection system, as a market has gained power in recent times due to its applications in various sectors such as industrial segment, consumer electronics and automation. Wafer Inspection System have their major applications in consumer electronics segment, as the use of wafers and integrated circuits lies in that field.

Wafer Inspection System Market Drivers, Restraints, Segmentation, Regional Overview and Key Players:

The primary driver for wafer inspection system market is the increasing adoption and introduction of new electrical gadgets such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, wearables, LCDs, LEDs etc., as it directly increases the demand of wafer inspection systems.Moreover, the advantages attained such as longer wafer life, timely detection of defects and enhanced performance encourages the adoption of wafer inspection systems.

In addition to this, the emerging manufacturers with new technological innovations, in North American and Europe drives the global wafer inspection system market. The trend of miniaturisation in wafer manufacturing is compelling wafer inspection system providers to upgrade their offerings. This is acting as one of the major restraint for wafer inspection system market. Additionally, the limited availability of manufacturers and resources also acts as a challenge for global wafer inspection system market.

Global Wafer Inspection System Market can be divided into the following segments – based on technology used and defect types. The major segments of wafer inspection system market on basis of technology used includes: E-beam detection technology, Optical detection technology; The major segments of wafer inspection system market on basis of defect detection type include: Random defects detection: In this segment, wafer detection system detects the position of the physical defects attached on wafer. Systematic defects detection: Systematic defects are more complex and occurs in patterns, therefore are difficult to detect.

APAC dominates the global wafer inspection system market due to the presence of the majority of its manufacturers in the respective region. Because of the technological advancements made, in the same, North America and Europe are expected to follow APAC in the global wafer inspection system market.

Some of the major wafer inspection system global players include Applied Materials, Inc., KLA-Tencor Corporation, ASML, Hermes Microvision, Inc., Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Lam Research Corporation, Nanda Technologies GmBH, NXP Semiconductors, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, Synopsys, Inc.

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