Swarm Computing Market Growth, Forecast and Value Chain 2017 – 2027

Swarm computing being in the development stage has gained attention of many researchers in North America and Europe, majorly. Swarm computing focuses on forecasting problems and amplifying human intelligence by assembling groups to take collective decisions for providing the necessary information. Swarm computing, working on artificial intelligence, therefore, assists a user in better decision making.In addition to this, the advancements in research of both, IoT and swarm computing, complement each other, which henceforth, results into combining the features of both for delivering enhanced performance.

Swarm Computing, as a market is starting to gain power in recent times due to its increasing applications in various sectors.For instance, swarm computing can be used in nanobots to kill the cancer tumour within the human body, supplying its applications in the field of healthcare.

Swarm Computing Market Drivers, Restraints, Segmentation, Trends, Regional Overview and Key Players:

Automation provided due to features of swarm computing, such as artificial intelligence & limiting time delays, expedites the growth of swarm computing market. Swarm computing follows a specific algorithm, henceforth, enables improved decision making capabilities and gives enhanced results. This leads to an increased adoption of product in domains such as robotics, where artificial intelligence plays the primary role. This is a major driver for swarm computing market. Swarm computing is still in its development stage because of lack of knowledge and resources, which hampers its growth and adoption. This acts as the primary restraint for swarm computing market..

Global Swarm Computing Market can be divided into the following segments – based on algorithm typeand end-user industry. The major segments of swarm computing market on basis of algorithm type include: Stochastic diffusion search: It is the first algorithm on which swarm computing/intelligence functioned. The algorithm uses one-to-one communication strategy unlike stigmergic communications as in ant colony optimization.  Ant colony optimization: The algorithm is modeled and inspired by natural ant colonies for providing information. Artificial ants move through a parameter space giving a better path through graphs . Particle swarm optimization: The algorithm provides a point of surface for representing the best solution. The major segments of swarm computing market on basis of end-user industry include: Military, Space aeronautics, Healthcare, Mining, Robotics, Telecommunication. The primary application of swarm computing lies in robotics where major players are trying to leverage swarm computing to achieve better performance via artificial intelligence in their bots.

North America and Europe dominates the global swarm computing market due to the innovative technological advancements in the field of artificial intelligence in the respective regions. APAC follows North America & Europe and expects growth in the forecast period, in global swarm computing market. Some of the major swarm computing global players include Swarm Technology, Valutico, Sentien Robotics, LLC. , and AxonAI, Inc.

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