Industrial Agitators Market Size will Grow at a Robust Pace through 2027

The manufacturing industry is expanding rapidly due to increased industrial spending in developed as well as developing economies. Countries such as China, India and Brazil are some of the fastest growing economies which are constantly increasing their industrial spending, thereby driving the adoption of industrial machinery. This has led to increasing number of applications of industrial agitators. Further, these industrial agitators are also witnessing rapid technological changes including faster mixing and improved structure which is opening a plethora of applications in the industrial sector.

The most common type of industrial agitator is top entry agitator which are used for numerous applications. Top entry industrial agitators can handle large-scale mixing applications, thus they find various usages in industrial processing, primarily in chemical industries.

One of the important drivers for the growth of industrial agitators market is its rapid adoption in environmental engineering such as waste and wastewater treatment. Regulatory bodies such as Environmental Protection Agency promote the use of machines which help to reduce pollution and treat wastes, thereby preserving environmental balance. One of the most important end-user industry for industrial agitators is chemical industry where complex agitation is required for uniform mixing of fluids. These drivers help in the wider adoption of industrial agitators.

However, one of the major challenges prevailing in industrial agitators market is high installation and maintenance cost. Industrial agitators require frequent servicing which increases the maintenance cost.

Global Industrial Agitators Market can be divided into three segments, based on type, end-users and components. The segments in Industrial Agitators market by type include: Top entry, Side entry, Bottom entry; The major segments of Industrial Agitators market on basis of end-users include: Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverages, Paper and Pulp, Waste and Wastewater Treatment, Oil, Gas And Petrochemical, Others; by components include: Anchor, Turbine, Propeller, Paddle.

Some of the prominent players in the Industrial Agitators market include Dynamix Agitators Inc., EKATO Group, Mixing Solutions Ltd. (Wind River Holdings), Mixer Direct Inc., Philadelphia Chemineer Inc., Silverson Machines Inc., SPX Corporation, Sulzer Ltd, Tacmina Corporation and Xylem Inc., among others.

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