Enterprise Key Management Market 10-Year Market Forecast and Trends Analysis Research Report

Saving the data over spreadsheets is a complex as well as inefficient when the volume of the data is large. With this increasing volume of complex and confidential data, the need for the data’s management and encryption is also increasing. The demand for the efficient management of data is important, furthermore, increasing with the introduction of new companies and growth of existing companies. The organisations globally prefer to encrypt their data instead of saving them in spreadsheets. In result to that, enterprise key management is introduced. Enterprise key management is a tool which provides specific keys for the encrypted data. Enterprise key management can be done either on premise or on a cloud. Enterprise key management maintains a cloud over which it stores the encrypted data and provides keys for accessing the data on the network or database. The keys, provided by enterprise key management system, are created and managed by hardware cryptographic modules. The enterprise key management system keeps the data secure and confidential, and accessible to the authorized organisations or users only.

With the adoption of cloud based computing and increase in encryption of data the demand for the management of the same is increased, which acts as a driver for the enterprise key management market. In addition to this, increase in the number of cyber-attacks also forces the organisations to secure their data, which acts as a driving force in the enterprise key management market too. Enterprise key management, transmission and storage is a very complex process and hence lacks knowledge and labour which acts as a restraint for the same.

The major segments of Enterprise key management market on basis of deployment type include: On-premise: The on-premise enterprise key management provides a uniform platform for consolidation and storage for enterprise key management. It also gives you an option to securely store keys for better flexibility. Cloud: The on cloud enterprise key management encrypts the data which is saved, managed and stored in the form of keys on a cloud. The keys over the cloud can be either be symmetric or asymmetric and can be decrypted according to its type.

The need for management of data is required in almost all the verticals increasing the demand of enterprise key management. The major segments of Enterprise key management market on basis of end-user include: Banks and financial services, Education, Business services, Government, Healthcare, IT, Media and entertainment, Pharmacies and retail.

The Enterprise key management market is sub-segmented into 7 key regions- North America, Latin America, East Europe, West Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan and Middle East & Africa. The APAC region is expected to be the fastest-growing region in the Enterprise key management market. The major reason being the increasing concern about data security across enterprises rises the demdn for enterprise key management solutions. In the developed economies of the US and Canada, there is a high focus on enterprise key management solutions to secure critical data from hackers. The North American is expected to have highest market share, followed by Europe in enterprise key management market.

Technological developments in enterprise key management market such as, introduction of cloud has increased and eased the management, storage, encryption and decryption of data. The enterprise key management is therefore done over the cloud providing a more secure platform for the confidential data and files.

Gemalto, a digital security provider, collaborated with Vaultive, Inc., a cloud data security provider, to enhance the encryption process and key management of the data over cloud. Together with the integration the users get a better security and management of their data. Some of the major Enterprise key management players are Amazon Web Services, Inc., Gemalto NV, Thales e-Security, Dyadic, IBM Corporation, Qualcomm Technologies, Townsend Security, Oracle, Winmagic, RSA Security LLC and Venafi.

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