Digital Inverter Market CAGR Projected to Grow at 6.7% through 2027

Digital inverters have gained an enormous interest in past few decades. The features such as energy-saving control, efficient economical operations and high efficiency are supporting the growing demands for Digital Inverters. The Digital Inverter market is growing significantly due to the high demand for continuous power supply without any interruptions and strict sustainability statuses in various industries. Also, the technological advancement in inverter technology is fueling the growth of Digital Inverter market.

The Digital inverter is a basic building block of many binary devices, therefore it takes zero or one as an input and returns zero or one respectively as an output. The Digital inverter is generally embedded with other components such as compressor in order to produce DC output. When the digital inverter is used in compressor it helps in consumption of less energy and not have to work hard to manage the temperature. Thus, the advantages of Digital inverter are playing an important role in the rapid adoption of Digital Inverter in various commercial and industrial products such as refrigerators, air conditioners and others and due to this the Digital inverter market has witnessed a significant growth in recent years and is expected to grow at a rapid pace in foreseeable future.

Digital Inverter: Drivers and Challenges: Drivers: The technological advancement in energy and efficiency technologies and the need to increase the durability of products are the significant factors driving the growth of Digital Inverter market. Moreover, the disadvantages of conventional products such as abrupt start and stop, disruptive noises and others are the reasons for the rapid adoption of Digital Inverter Technologies. Moreover, the less maintenance cost and high performance of Digital Inverter are the factors which are fueling the growth of Digital Inverter market.; Challenges: The limited exposure of Digital Inverter in the market is one of the biggest factor which hinders the growth of Digital Inverter market. Also, the limited usage of Digital Inverter is the factor which may restrict the growth of Digital Inverter market.

Digital Inverter market: Segmentation: Segmentation of Digital Inverter on the basis of application type: Digital Inverter in Air Conditioner, Digital Inverter in Refrigerator, Digital Inverter in Washing Machine, Digital Inverter in Water pumps, Others. Digital Inverters: Competition Landscape: Key Developments: In February 2017, Samsung launches solar-powered refrigerators with Digital Inverter in order to provide advanced technologies to enable faster cooling, power conservation and durability for its customers. In January 2015, Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd., introduced two outdoor and seven indoor models in order to extend its Digital Inverter range.

Key players: The Prominent players inDigital Inverters market are Toshiba Air Conditioning, Schneider Electric, Advanced Energy Industries, KOSTAL Solar Electric, Cognito Quam Electrotechnologies Ltd, Sungrow Power supply and others.

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