Development of a Medical Drone in Mississippi

According to a recent news, Dr. Italo Subbarao planned to develop an aerial ambulance as a solution to manage the disorder on the ground along with life-saving medical provisions in tow. Dr. Italo Subbarao’s lately faced a scenario wherein a critical EF4 tornado frayed over Hattiesburg, Mississippi. His grandmother was a part of the phase and couldn’t find any help to reach nor could any ambulance reach out there. Moreover, she was isolated and remote from emergency help and that’s when Subbarao, who is an osteopathic physician and specializes in emergency care planned to develop a solution to this. In Future Market Insights’ ongoing study, the researchers found out that there is increase in the penetration of medical drones in catastrophic and emergency areas. This factor will majorly boost the growth of the global medical drones market.

Initiation of the Medical Drone: HiRO

Dr. Italo Subbarao received help from a team that is led by Dennis Lott, who is the director of a college named Hinds Community in Mississippi for the unmanned airborne vehicle program. Also, joined them were Guy Paul Cooper Jr., D.O., as well as a 4th year medical student at the college where Dr.Italo is a senior associate dean, William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine. All of them together developed a new drone and gave the drone + improved DJI S1000 a name, Health Integrated Rescue Operations (HiRO). The function of the drone is to serve as a remote to an on-call doctor, which utilizes an improved reality interface to provide bystander’s instructions to offer simple medical care while waiting for emergency personnel’s arrival.

Holistic View on the Working of HiRO

The medical drone holds a hard-cased medical package which is bright orange in color and this package is used to treat a minimum of 100 people who get affected in a disaster such as a hurricane, a wilderness emergency, a terrorist incident or a mass shooting. The medical kits vary between 2 to 20 pounds on the basis of emergency along with equips kept in an automated drug bin. It’s designed in a flexible way so that necessary adjustment whenever needed can be done. This system also has a camera which is attached to the medical kit as well as a set of smart glasses.

The remote, on-call doctor utilizes a holographic health record display and a Microsoft HoloLens headset to connect with the bystander on the base. The drone is of help to the bystanders as it helps in making the injured people stable in crucial situations such as severe allergic reaction, a bad fall or a heart attack. The drone operator is different from the medical tech. The system would be incorporated through the Emergency Alert System managed by the State or with the 911 local services.

Efforts have been taken to spread awareness amongst the bystanders as well as the lay people regarding medical knowledge and to turn them into immediate responders by providing them simple and basic instructions on how to handle situations. As of now, the medical drones such as HiRO that are useful for delivering blood, carrying defibrillators as well as transporting lab samples in undeserved and rural areas is available only internationally. The medical drones are expected to be operated globally in the forthcoming years.

It was informed that possibly by next February, the development team would be participating in a great disaster exercise together with the MEMA (Mississippi Emergency Management Agency). Also, recently a program was launched for the wide-ranging use of drone and moreover, around 5 pilot projects have been approved for the same. Dr. Italo Subbarao considers HiRO as a “global solution” for emergency situations. The medical drones can be used in rural, suburban as well as city environments as the technology is incorporated with emergency response system and the 911 services.

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