Cognitive Assessment And Training Market size and Key Trends in terms of volume and value 2017-2027

The market for Cognitive Assessment and Training is increasing prominently due to increasing awareness among individuals regarding brain training, learning training and other ability improvement activities. These Cognitive Assessment and Training solutions are increasingly being adopted among various industries to train their employees and to improve the working condition of organization. The testing and training cognitive skills also help in processing new information and help in reducing learning struggle caused by one or more weak cognitive skill.

Cognitive Assessment and Training is a process in which cognitive skills of an individual are trained to improve with the help of various assessment test and various games that allow individual to learn, remember and store incoming information in the brain. In many industries data available is surpassing the human capability to understand the hidden information within the data. Cognitive Assessment and Training solutions can provide help to understand the potential in all kind of data available internally, external, unstructured, structured, visual and in any other form. Cognitive Assessment and Training helps enterprises in taking better operational decision, in understanding customer wants and needs, and optimizing business processes to the fullest.

The major factor driving the market for Cognitive Assessment and Training is the rising awareness regarding brain fitness among individuals. Due to stress and complex working condition, employees stop performing due to which companies are adopting Cognitive Assessment and Training to improve productivity of employees and to increase value of product. Other factors that are driving Cognitive Assessment and Training market are the rising adoption of smart education and development of advance gaming and learning technology.The key challenge in the Cognitive Assessment and Training market is to create specific games for brain exercise. The games that are used for Cognitive Assessment and Training should be developed specifically for training and learning. Other challenges that are restraining this Cognitive Assessment and Training market to grow are lack of standardization, lack of skillful trainers and less interest of organizations in these activities.Segmentation on the basis of Test:Paper and pencil tests, Digital test, Hosted test; Segmentation on the basis of applications: Brain training, Corporate training, Clinical training, Academic training, Others

In October 2016, IBM has entered into the partnership with Pearson, a learning company in order to provide its Watson Cognitive computing solution to college students and professors. This partnership will help students in getting improved learning experience, and providing them insights to manage entire course of their studies. In October 2016, CogniFit, a test and assessment solution provider has launched new education platform. This new launch will help students as well as teaches to assess, train, and monitor the cognitive skills of students involved in learning process.

In August 2016, XOS Digital Inc., a sports technology provider has entered into the partnership with Axon Sports, an athletic cognitive training provider. This partnership will help both companies to integrate their solutions such as XOS platform and Axon application together to provide solution with unique advantages. This will also help in improving the speed and accuracy of the players associated with these companies.In Cognitive Assessment and Training market there are many vendors some of them are IBM, Cognitive Scale, Cogstate, Cognifit, Pearson Assessment, Neurosky, LearningRX, Savonix, MoCA Montreal, Mindmill and others.

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