Telehandlers Market Intelligence and Analysis for Period (2017-2027)

The telehandlers also known as telescopic handlers are revolutionary machineries in the 20th century that are proven to be beneficial in varied range of industries across the world. With the innovations taking place coupled with the growing industrialization, the telehandlers market find wide applications in construction, agricultures and especially in transfer station, rib handler and etc. The telehandlers market offers various products based on the end users requirement where telehandlers are most commonly used as crane, all-terrain forklift, aerial work platform, excavator and many other.

Majorgrowth is observed in sectors such as transport, housing, which have large scale investments. Whenever there is massive growth in non-residential and residential construction, the telehandlers market is expected to hold significant opportunities on every construction site location. The rental companies are expected to replace other equipment with the telehandlers providing with creative additional attachments. Such expansion in the product line offered by the telehandlers market is expected to help rental stores/companies in increased utilization of the main machine i.e. telehandlers. This is a cost effective approach as in doing so they face lower maintenance costs and fewer technical charges.

Adding to that, transportation, operation and servicing requirements are reduced many folds. Both these factors fuel demand for the telehandlers market in the coming future. The development of advanced machinery with ecofriendly features and low maintenance termed as Hybrid telehandlers machine is expected to castaway other conventional equipment in the forecast period.

Developments in the infrastructure sector, clubbed with a varied range of advanced construction equipment in the fleets are expected to drive demand for the telehandlers market. Companies in the construction equipment market are skilful in identifying customers; they relocate construction equipment to different locations to monopolize on increasing demand from real estate industries in commercial and residential sectors. The telehandlers market is anticipated to be driven by the expansion of the rental equipment business.

Another major factor to drive telehandlers market from last couple of years is the fleet replacement for the recovering construction market offering the varied range in the telehandlers according to the customer base.On the other hand, balancing the cost structure and analyze the requirement of telehandlers in certain application for long term is expected to obstruct demand in the telehandlers market over the forecast period.

Telehandlers Market: Segmentation: Telehandlers Market Segmentation By Product Type – Rotating Telehandlers, Non-rotating Telehandlers; By Tyres Type – Solid Rubber Tyres, Pneumatic Tyres, Foam Filled Tyres; By Attachments – Carriage, Fork, Bucket, Hook, Adapter, Tower, Truss Boom, Crane Jib, Sweeper; By Quick Hitch – Mechanical Quick Hitch, Hydraulic Quick Hitch; By Application – Heavy Industries, Construction Sites, Mining, Forestry, Foundries, Agricultural, Demolition

Based on the geography, telehandlers market is expected to witness sustainable growth on global platform. The European countries where city streets and alleys are often found narrow and twisting, packed tightly with buildings, the rotating telehandlers are anticipated to hold potential opportunities over the forecast period. Manufacturer in North America are likely to incline towards production of rotating telehandlers owing to its rotational property that provides access to work in additional dimension of operation.

The all season equipment, telehandlers are expected to observe strong market potential in Asia Pacific where countries like India and China are growing in agriculture and building construction. The use of multiple attachments that makes the product deployable and versatile for unique application, telehandlers market is to remain push market in this region at initial stage. Later, with the increasing concern over the safety on projects sites, the telehandlers are expected to be the preferred equipment that gradually will be dominating the construction equipment market in coming future.

In the Middle East, countries like Saudi Arabia focus extensively on sustainable practices and promote ecofriendly construction of buildings. Rising capital investments in transportation, hospitality, infrastructure and energy, coupled with easy availability of machinery has led to a boost in the telehandlers market.

Some examples of recognized players in the telehandlers market are listed below: Volvo Construction Equipment Corp, Manitou BF SA, JCB, Terex Corp, Caterpillar Inc, J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd, JLG Industries Inc, MERLO, KOMATSU EQUIPMENT, XCMG Construction Machinery Co. Ltd, Doosan Bobcat

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