Realizing the Potential of Technology – Wireless Charging System

Wireless charging provides a reliable, harmless, and convenient way to power and charge many electrical devices in the industry, workplace and at home. Wireless charging provides many safety, cost and proficiency advantages over the traditional charging cable by excluding the use of physical cables and connectors. From smartphones to heavy-duty equipment applications and handheld work devices, wireless power upholds harmless, constant, and dependable transmission of power to make sure all ranges of equipment and devices are ready and charged to go at short notice. According to an ongoing study by Future Market Insights, wireless charging systems are transforming the existing electronic devices market to meet the demand for more safe, standardized, portable and effective power charging options. Also, constant updates in phones are driving the growth of global wireless charging market.

Wireless Charging System: Working, Pros and Cons

Fundamentally, electromagnetic fields are used by wireless charging to securely transfer power to a receiving device from a transferring source to wirelessly charge a battery. The arrival of wireless chargeable devices has obsoleted the necessity to carry several chargers for a number of devices. The evident benefits related to the use of wireless charging consists of protection from electric shocks, handling effectiveness, harmless charging choice for devices that need to be waterproof, needless maintenance of charging cables and related plugs. However, wireless charging technology is relatively expensive, slow and less efficient. Also, during the charging process, the devices do radiate heat.

New Gear – Charging Simplified by Belkin’s Launch of Boost Up Qi

As per a recent tech news, in India, on Tuesday, Belkin launched Boost up Qi, a wireless charging pad owing to the increasing demand for wireless charging accessories. In the country, the wireless charging pad 5W is available at Rs. 2,999through, Imagine Stores and Reliance Digital Stores. The Wireless Charging Pad, Boost up, by Belkin, in spite of being an inexpensive accessory, is compatible with the iPhone X- ultra-premium, unveiled on 3rd November in India as well as worldwide.

The wireless charging pad by Belkin has output of 5W/1-amp and up to 7.5W delivery to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X family to allow speedy wireless charging support. Also devices up to 3mm thickness are supported. The boost up wireless charging pad has LED indicators to alert about the powering up time of the iPhone or any android device.  Moreover, above the charging plate, a high-friction material is present to safeguard the device from accidental slips.

In September, at the launch of iPhone X, Apple displayed the wireless charging pad, boost up Qi. The new accessory’s unique selling proposition (USP) is undoubtedly its reasonable price which is even lesser than the preferences of Spigen and Samsung. In September, besides displaying the Belkin accessory, Apple also showcased its multi-device charging pad, air power. This charging accessory was made to charge a set of Air Pods, Apple Watch and an iPhone, all together. The availability and price schedule of Apple’s offering will be announced shortly.

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