Pitch Coke Market Intelligence and Forecast by Future Market Insights 2017-2027

Coke is a synthetic raw material used for the production of carbon in combination with binding agents (or binders). There are various types of coke, such as petroleum coke, needle coke, pitch coke, carbon black coke and metallurgical black coke. The production of pitch coke depends on the output of coal tar and pitch and their volume depends upon the supply of amount of metallurgical coke used in pig-iron production. Pitch coke is one of the most important materials for the manufacturers of anode mass and electrodes. Petroleum coke is the basic material for the production of graphite-coal materials in foreign countries. Pitch coke makes easier to shape the mixed materials.

Pitch coke is manufactured by (coking) the destructive distillation of coal tar pitch from high purity carbon residue. It has high content of carbon and low content of sulphur and ash. Pitch coke also has high thermal conductivity. It is a byproduct of coal gas manufacturing. In comparison to other comparable carbon products, the density of pitch coke is low. Further, in comparison to petroleum coke, pitch coke is hard and has more strength.

Pitch Coke Market: Dynamics, Segmentation, Regional Outlook and Market Participants

With aluminum production increasing across the globe, the production and consumption of pitch coke is also expected to increase during the forecast period as pitch coke is used in making anodes for the aluminum industry. The pitch coke market is expected to grow as pitch coke is also used in the manufacturing of graphite electrodes, which are used in electric arc furnaces, and electrodes to be used in cathodes, aluminum electrolysis anodes. The growing automotive sector across the globe is paving a lucrative path for growth of the pitch coke market as pitch coke is used in producing carbon fibers, carbon composites and most automotive these days have body parts made of carbon fibers and composite to provide better strength and other desirable properties, thus increasing the consumption of pitch coke.

A major restraint challenging growth of the pitch coke market is the depletion of resources. Pitch coke is a product derived from coal, which is a form of nonrenewable energy. Thus, once depleted, it cannot be used be produced again. Companies are emphasizing on developing alternatives of pitch coke to as counter measure for the depletion of coal reserves. Strict regulations laid by governing authorities towards the pollution caused by coal mines are expected to affect the overall pitch coke market.The pitch coke market can be segmented on the basis of end use as: Aluminum Anode, Artificial Graphite Electrode, Recarburizer, Carbon Specialty, Carbon Additive, Antifriction, Flame Retardant, Refectories;

The Asia Pacific region, especially emerging economies, such as China and India, is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period as China is the one of the key exporters of pitch coke across the globe. Growing Aluminum and iron or steel industry in the region is expected to fuel the pitch coke market there. Similarly, the North America pitch coke market is expected to witness significant growth as Canada is one of the key exporters of pitch coke. The use of carbon fibers is growing in the region, which in turn is leading to higher consumption of pitch coke as pitch coke is used in the production of carbon fibers.

Europe and Middle East & Africa regions are expected to witness substantial growth in the pitch coke market during the forecast period time as the automotive industry in growing in these regions. Carbon composites are also used in many applications, which in turn impacts the pitch coke market positively.

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Examples of some of the market participants in the pitch coke market are: SUMMIT CRM Limited, Rain Carbon Inc, Sojitz JECT Corporation, DONGSUNG CORPORATION, ASBURI CARBONS,Bilbaína de Alquitranes, S.A, Shamokin Carbons, Ukrgraphit, Mitsubishi Chemical, Tianjin Yunhai Carbon Element Products Co., Ltd.,Shamokin Carbons,RESORBENT S.R.O.,C-Chem Co.,Baosteel Chemical


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